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We know gardens are mostly green but you can make it green in the eco sense of the word by making a few tweaks. If an eco-friendly garden seems attractive, you must start looking for a professional landscaper who will be able to assist you in developing an eco design that is both cool and relaxing.

A planet-friendly garden is an amazing garden, keeping the balance in your ecosystem will help you enjoy a far more beautiful garden that encourages natural health. Wondering how you can imbibe an eco design to your very own yard? Take a cue from the following tricks:

  1. Plant a diverse mix of plants. Companion planting is a newly discovered technique in which case, a combination of plants is used to complement each other and boost each other’s growth. For example, you may choose to plant tall trees to help provide shed to your shrubs and even smaller plants. Always check with an eco design professional to know which plants can effectively induce productivity.
  2. Have an herb garden. How sweet it is to get ingredients for your recipes from your yard. There are a variety of veggies and herbs that you can plant in your garden to make it healthier and utterly functional. Tomatoes, chives, garlic, and dill are just some of the great choices you can make.
  3. Make your own compost bin. Composting is an essential step to make your garden a lot healthier. Although you can easily get soil from your suppliers, you can also choose to ask the landscape designers in Sydney to create your own compost bin so you will have a convenient alternative to fertilizers, which are heavy with chemicals.
  4. Plant varieties that invite useful bugs into your garden. The idea to have bugs in your garden may put you off at first. But, once you understood that this is to actually get rid of harmful ones, you should be well for it. Some plant varieties like sunflower, marigold, and candytuft are known to encourage lacewings and ladybugs, which feed on the harmful blackfly.
  5. Get on with the art of recycling. There are many benefits that could gain from recycling. You will never need to spend on pots when you can easily transform old plastic containers into one. At the same time, you will be able to reduce your household waste, which is a lot of help to the environment.

Creating an eco friendly garden is possible if you work closely with experienced affordable landscapers in tow.

Nothing beats a landscaped yard or garden. Take inspirations from designs of experts. Or, contact

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