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Depositphotos_1270522_s-2015Sydney plays host to more than 5 million tourists every year with a great majority during the months leading to the holiday season, as everyone wants to get a glimpse of the New Year in Sydney’s famed Harbour. Sydney is also home to several Michelin Starred restaurants that bespeaks the city’s penchant for glorious food creations. Now, choosing the top Sydney restaurants may seem intimidating at first but the following tips should help you narrow down your choices.

Capitalize on the power of the internet

All of the world’s top restaurants already have their own website. If not, you can always find something on the internet. While TripAdvisor can give you a rundown of the best restaurants in Sydney, you might also consider other best restaurant sites as well. The point is, the best Sydney restaurants can be determined with just a few clicks and swipes on your smartphone screen. Otherwise, you can always use your laptop or desktop to find out the best restaurant in the city. For a truly wonderful dining experience, price notwithstanding, you might want to zero in on restaurants with Michelin Stars.

Ask your favorite food blogger

Now, if you don’t like a Michelin Starred restaurant, you can try looking for a Sydney food blog, as they do provide excellent, albeit very subjective, take on some of Sydney’s best restaurants. It does not actually have to be a first-class dining establishment simply because what you will be after is the richness of the food itself. If you are following a particular Sydney food blogger, you can even engage with the blogger himself to get a more personalized insight regarding a particular restaurant that you are interested in. These food bloggers will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Ask your Sydney hotel

If you are not fond of the internet and are currently staying at a Sydney hotel or accommodation, you can always ask the hotel manager for recommendations regarding the top Sydney restaurants. Remember, these will be their personal picks and are often a reflection of the feedback they get from their other hotel guests. Now, if the hotel happens to have one or two dining establishments, don’t expect the hotel manager to point you elsewhere. Of course, he will be pointing you to their own restaurant.

Take a stroll

Want the top Sydney restaurants? Take a stroll and enjoy the life of the city. You can easily spot a good restaurant from mediocre ones. However, be prepared because your expectations may be dampened by the variable service or the food quality that you get. Always have your smartphone on hand and be ready to look for reviews on a particular restaurant you saw down the street.

Choosing the best restaurants in Sydney has never been made easier with technology. For best results however, it is often generally advisable to seek the guidance of online food guides.

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