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Traveling to Australia soon? Before getting excited on the places to see and things to do, you better take a peek on our notes regarding car rental in Gold Coast. There is nothing more stressful than having to go around places without an efficient partner in your travel. For smart travelers, booking a car hire service is done as one of the more important preparations for a fuss-free travel.

Finding the best car hire deal

car_hire_au2Like the other aspects of your holiday, you can find lots of good deals for car rental in Gold Coast as well as the rest of Australia. The Internet is a great resource that will introduce you to several choices so you can easily compare the terms and prices of each.

By doing a few clicks, you will be able to access the best companies that offer car rental in Gold Coast. That means, you would not have to cram booking for a car service once you are in your destination or even rely on your hotel to provide you suggestions. You can book the service yourself and enjoy the liberty of comparing rates until you find the best deal that’s suitable to your needs and requirements.

When looking for a car rental in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, you must keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Ask for all-inclusive prices. Do not be fooled by supposedly low rates when they actually come with compulsory fees and other hidden charges. When you ask for a price quote, make it clear whether it is an all-inclusive rate or not to be sure that you will not be spending more than you thought you would.
  • Take advantage of free add-ons. Some companies that offer car hire in Adelaide may offer add-ons for free as part of a promotional sale or something. Take advantage of those. It would not hurt to receive free kilometres, especially if there is so much more about the Land Down Under that you want to see.
  • Know your end of the trade. Always be clear of your duties and responsibilities, as well as your financial liability for booking the car hire service. Accidents may happen even if you don’t want it so better be prepared of what your liability might be.
  • Examine the car carefully before driving off. Make sure that it is in perfect condition and keep that documented so you will have enough coverage just in case.
  • Remember to get your car hire service’s contact numbers.
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There are a number of car hire companies in Sydney located at the airport and in Gold Coast, located at Coolangatta airport, including:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Hertz
  • Thrifty
  • Europcar
  • Redspot, and a lot more.

When looking at car rental Sydney, or car hire Gold Coast there are a few tips and tricks that can be used to get the best deal. You will pay a premium on car rentals from the airport, but if you are arriving via plane, it can still work out the cheapest option as you will otherwise need to pay for transport to get to/from the offsite rental location.

First, use car rental booking websites to compare prices for cars across all of the car rental network.  You may be able to determine which car rental company is the most cost effective and affordable for the type of car and rental time/period that you are looking to book. However, you should also look at the individual company websites to see if they are running promotional deals. Different car companies are cheaper at different times of the year. You may also find different promotions being run at different times of the year which can give you better prices than competitors.

You will also want to check your travel insurance (if you have it) to see what car insurance is included as part of your package. If you will be needing extra insurance then you will also need to check the cost of that insurance with each of the car rental companies as they can vary largely, and they may significantly add to your hire costs.

You will also want to check the cost of any additional items you may need to request as part of your car hire (for example, GPS or car seats).  I recently booked a car from Coolangatta airport through My original booking was made about 6 months in advance, because I had time, I was able to compare multiple car rental websites which in the end saved me around AUD 200 on the car I wanted over a 16 day period in the high season.  About five weeks before I traveled, I did a quick search of a number of similar car rental sites again to see if I could find a better deal. Right Car Hire was still the cheapest.  I had comprehensive travel insurance so did not need to pay for any of hertz’s additional insurances.

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Renting a cheap car for your vacation is a very popular choice for traveler. Traveling by car offers you the chance to visit places off the beaten track, experience flexibility, enjoy independence and operate on your own schedule. If you are planning on renting a car for your next travel, there are some potentially costly mistakes to avoid. Here is a list of the biggest car rental errors you’ll want to avoid.

Renting from an airport

Avoid renting a car from the airport because you’ll most definitely encounter airport surcharges. In order to avoid these additional fees and possibly spend less on car rentals, it is imperative to opt for a car rental service away from the airport.

Returning a car late

Most car rental companies charge daily rates based on 24-hour periods. Many of us hardly stick to time we say we’ll return the car. It is advisable to pick a reasonable time for returning a rental car. While some rental companies may give a few hours grace of time, others hold you to the time you said you’d return the car. Try to return your car earlier and on time to avoid being charged an extra fee.

car comparePrice comparison

So many travelers uses the “one-and-done” approach when booking a rental car. Car rental rates varies depending on the company, so it is advisable to compare prices of different rental company and opt for the one that offers the best deals. If you plan on driving long distance, check for mileage caps. While some rental companies allows you to drive the car as much as you want during the rental period, others charge you additional fees for exceeding a daily mileage maximum.

Fill up gas tank yourself

Prepaying for gas means you’ll have to pay for a full tank of gas, even if you return with plenty of gas in it. In a bid to save more and spend less, it pays to fill up gas tank yourself since there are cheaper gas prices at some station around the city. Before dropping off your car, endeavor to top off the gas as some rental companies will charge you even if the gas gauge is just an inch away from it normal position.

Do not rush through inspection

Ensure your rental car is thoroughly inspected to avoid being charged for damages you didn’t cause. Most rental cars are properly maintained, but damages such as stains in the interior or scratches on the body can go unnoticed. Whenever you come across any defect during inspection, be sure to notify the rental company to avoid paying for it.

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A family trip in New Zealand gives your family a change to set foot in a place that will forever keep each member under its spell. One proof of its charm and beauty is its being the location of well-loved Lord of the Rings movies and booking a family sightseeing and driving holiday with car hire in New Zealand would be your first step in enjoying a dreamy and enchanting walk in places that had made many to fall in love with.

carhire_nz1A family tour in Tongariro National Park allows family members specially self-confessed Tolkien fans to walk in real life the land of Mordor and enjoy its phenomenal scenery that had created giant impact on the movie itself. If traveling either on a group tour or with the family through a car hire New Zealand, your first stop at Mount Ngauruhoe will bring you a real life encounter of the place where the ring was forged and destroyed. The Mount’s conical 2000 years old peak covered with enormous mound of ash is an impressive sight not only to  quench the eyes’ curiosity but as well as the Tolkien inside a fanatic. The family can climb the so-called Mount Doom, which is about six hours return walk. Other areas to explore include Mount Ruapehu, which is the North Island’s highest peak and reach by driving from Whakapapa Village.

If your car hire in New Zealand is a rugged family four-wheel vehicle, you can drive the entire family to Tukino ski field, which is located on the eastern side of the park. The ski fields are the beautiful plains of Gogoroth and Black Gate and setting foot there lets the family feel the serenity and even the desorption that was spread out  in the Lord of the Ring Trilogy.

After enjoying fine dining in Auckland, and sipping and scouting some world’s finest wine in Wellington, you can head off to Hamilton and set foot in the Hobbiton movie set and get excited  with its amazing Hobbit-sized Village used in the Hobbit movies. After the hobbit life experience, drive south with a car hire Hamilton and enjoy the natural beauty of Waitomo Caves and its stalactites and stalagmites. Walking amidst the blue lights of glowworms is a breathtaking experience for the whole family while the black water rafting completes a Hamilton family tour designed and created for family who loves pulsating sports and activities.

A traveling family in New Zealand will have variety of options catering each member’s preferences. Visiting with a car hire will allow family to enjoy places for dining, sightseeing, shopping and places for cycling, walking and hiking and experience being a family while traveling.

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