Communication in Mine Expedition Sites

Mining has come a long way. Today, the methods of modern mining operations have relied more heavily on different communication systems in order to be successful and safe in mine expedition sites. With effective communication, there is also better security, correspondence and production.

Mine Site communications account for lesser incidents of injuries and fatalities and the assurance of communication using different advanced methods like rapid deployment towers and relocatable masts has allowed better efficiency in the mining sites. Likewise, the advancement in communication has led to even better news such as internet access, allowing miners to get support and not to mention boost of morale and confidence while at work beneath the earth.

Communication TowerToday, a huge challenge in communication in mine expedition sites is the fact that operations and expeditions are usually situated in very remote locations, whereby there is almost zero service from telecommunications providers. In sites where there is very low population density, it also means that cellular network coverage isn’t as convenient as in other typical places. And of course, when there are no people, regional providers won’t bother invest in the development of infrastructure like relocatable masts and deployment towers. Who would do so if there is very little prospect for subscribers.

As a result, mining companies are left with no choice but to provide their own services, the purpose of which is to guarantee efficient operations during the expeditions and for constant connection to the outside world.

Now when it comes to communication in mining, there are two essential communications requirements. These are “reachback” communications to the telephone network and the web and the mine site communications that connect workers and equipment.


Satellite communications or SATCOM is the most practical means of connecting a remote site to the rest of the world. This is a very important method of communication during the expedition, including the stages of initial exploration, survey, and eventual mine construction. Mining companies today use dedicated SATCOM links equipped with data rates in order to fully support mining communication as a whole.

Microwave and Fiber

But SATCOM is not the most affordable way of mine communication. There’s microwave or fiber. If SATCOM is enough to provide solutions to communication issues from the start, the communication infrastructure that will eventually be built by local providers will make way for cheaper alternative. This is where extensive microwave radio networks will come in. What happens is that in the switching of the bulk of traffic from SATCOM to microwave, there is a significant lowering of operating costs.

As anyone can see communication in mine expedition sites today have become more sophisticated, which then effectively makes the entire operation faster, safer, and more secured for everyone onboard.

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