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If you love outdoor entertainment, here are some useful tips proven to make setting up easy as well as providing comfort and ease on decorating and serving. A  Pop-up marquee is a good set-up idea to match simple food, good company and a cheerful setting.

Make use of thick and comfortable cushions on the chairs

marqueeYour primary goal is to encourage your guests to linger longer at the table, and thick and comfortable cushions on chairs are the trick to do it. You can also mix and match colors under your pop-up marquee to add to the jovial ambiance of the party.

Make use of brown craft papers on tables for easy clean-up

One of the many uses of brown craft papers is a table layer. Not only it can give a classy look under your pop up marquee as you can go a long way with it using ribbons, fabrics and stencils. When laid down beautifully on tables, it can serve as super-easy clean up.

Use a mix of wares

Don’t get overly fussy on what wares to set up. China wares are fine but an eccentric mix adds to the laid back look of your patio. You can also use mix of cups and saucers or mugs under custom-printed portable marquees to add inviting ambience and shabby theme look if you’re entertaining shabby look fanatics. Porcelain is also a good alternative especially the highly crafted and designed porcelain for table wares.

Set up tents or pop up shades with no loose parts

Most shades, tents and marquees for sale promise instant fold and setting up however make sure what you set up have no loose parts to provide sturdy shades and protection for your guests. Immediately set up tents or marquees offer instant shelter and shade solution however make sure materials are of highest quality and there is no loose part to ensure repeat use.

Check out grounds, locations and weather updates before setting up

Guests should be at the most comfortable zone, which means grounds don’t pose accident risks and they’re safe to linger at tables or move around. Make sure the weather and the location of your event happens at the right time, conditions and places and without any distraction.

Setting up outdoor events don’t need to be elaborate and fussy, and oftentimes effortless outdoor entertaining or event  is likely to be  more successful because there’s room for everyone to enjoy and have the best of time spreading the event or party’s purpose.

Marquees for outdoor events and parties are useful shelters and shades, if you need one, check out

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