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Bali is not called paradise without just reasons. One great reason why thousands of tourists flock the beach island yearly is the many surf resorts it has. Many visit the island to have a view of the picturesque union of the sea and sky. Others want to experience the Indonesian culture while enjoying the local cuisine. There are also those who frequently visit Bali to have a thrilling surfing experience. Both professionals and amateurs like the beach in the island because of the big waves suitable for surfing.

bower-manly-1514556-639x406If you haven’t considered the surf resorts in Bali as among the best, below are the top reasons why you should consider them:

Access to great surfing spots

As a surfer or surfing enthusiast, what you are after is the beach that constantly creates big waves to where you can surf. Like the surf resorts in Maldives, those in Bali are near the spots, where big waves are formed and go to the shore frequently. Though it is a task of the surfer or an enthusiast to look for surfing spots, sometimes it may eat up a lot of your time and may end up not enjoying surfing. So, the best and sure way to enjoy the activity is to book in any of the top surf resorts in Indonesia’s beach islands such as Bali and Java. The resorts will provide you access to the many and near surf spots so you won’t have to waste time and money looking for them.

High-class amenities

Though you are geared to stay under the sun for longer hours, you of course need a convenient and comfortable place to stay in. With this, surf resorts in Java and Bali can provide you all that. The resorts are complete with the different rooms you need to stay clean and comfortable. Each resort has a high class bath and comfort room where you clean totally clean yourself after a long day of surfing. Then, the big rooms are great for you to have a sound sleep. You can choose a resort that has air-conditioned rooms so you can stay cool when having a rest or while sleeping at night.

The  also offer great food. You can have a taste of both the local and international cuisines. With this, you won’t miss the food that you’re used to and the food that you must try.

Surfing is one hobby that only the tough ones can manage. In fact, surfing enthusiasts go even half of the globe searching for the best surf spots.

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