outdoor restaurant with views of seaThe honeymoon is clearly the much-awaited part after getting married. When you rent villas in Bali, not only are you making a more practically sensible decision but, more importantly, safeguarding your commitment to share each other’s hopes and dreams as you go through life as a couple.

Why not a hotel?

The geography itself calls for only the best Bali villas to allow you and your significant other to enjoy a more quiet time together while enjoying the serene and tranquil waters of Bali. For honeymooners, absolute privacy is a given, something that is clearly compromised when you take a hotel instead of any of the luxury Bali villas scattered all across the island paradise.

Each villa still has the same amenities as you would expect from a hotel; however, in a larger sense. The living and dining areas of some of these luxury villas are larger than the room of an average hotel in Bali. The best villas in Bali also have a beautifully-landscaped lush tropical garden complete with your very own private pool, a limousine service ready to take you anywhere around the island, and a throng of very friendly, yet customer satisfaction-driven staff ready to pamper you 24/7.

Make the most out of your honeymoon

Honeymooners who opt to rent villas expect to have very fond memories from their experience, something they will treasure for the rest of their lives. They want the chance to explore and immerse themselves in the very unique culture of the Indonesians, more specifically the Balinese.

When you rent villas in Bali, you are given more convenient access to its tranquil blue waters. You can enjoy the scenic Bali sunset riding down the beach in a horse-drawn carriage or ask the villa to prepare you a candlelight dinner by the beach.

The night scene in Bali is also well-known. You can ask the limousine service of your villa to take you to the trendiest, hippest crowd of the night. Or, you can ask your chauffeur to take you to the more romantic or exotic places in Bali for a more intimate time together.

To rent a villa in Bali is to enjoy the idyllic yet very vibrant atmosphere that Bali is known the world over. For honeymooners or newly-weds, it is the perfect gift as you embark on a lifelong journey of commitment, trials, and successes.

And what better way to initiate your lives together as couple than to rent villas in Bali.

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