Bali hotels offer the best accommodation however renting a Bali villa for your entire holidays in Bali gives you refreshing experience of the magical and charming valley of gods. And the good thing is that best villas in Bali are not as expensive as Bali tourists would think.

Hotel swimming poolFor a starter, a private Seminyak villa can be rented for as low as $250 per night. It has two staff that clean and make sure tenants will have the best time during their stay and upon request will make breakfast every day.  The best villas in Bali usually have open living and kitchen area with everything you may need for self-catering or private cooking. For the lowest rate, your private villa has an indoor swimming pool that is good for group swimming or night swimming party. A one-bedroom best villas in Seminyak typically has one bedroom with queen size bed, TV and air conditioning and usually 3 minutes away from supermarkets, restaurants and Seminyak shopping centers.

Over Ubud, honeymooners will find a small private villa very fit for private living and the great location adds up in setting up the mood for intimate indoor activities. The bedrooms are all en suite and big, and the oriental interior caters to any romantic escapades. Couples who can’t get over the charm and tranquility of the island can rent villas in Bali that has a monthly rate payment. In here, they can enjoy extended honeymoon and a taste of home life without breaking their budget. Having said, Ubud has several listings of best villas in Bali and allows booking online.

On the other hand, luxury villas in Bali offer spacious garden or yard that is well-maintained. Most of these are located in prime areas in Bali and within famous beach resorts like Seminyak and Ubud. It is common for luxury villas to have infinity pools with colored light that makes night swimming really cool and cozy. Some are with poolside gazebo and lounge chairs that make indoor swimming party exceptionally entertaining and lively.  Staffs are being provided and are very efficient and of course very accommodating and friendly. For all of its best offers, it’s typical for these luxury Bali villas to get the best reviews from guests.

Unlike hotels, Bali villas offer a home-like living and guests can truly enjoy the tropical and relaxed atmosphere of the island. Once you’re inside and living it out in any Bali villa, you’ll be inspired to treat it as your own and live life the way you’ve dreaming of. So for your next Bali holiday, start browsing the web and book your holiday accommodation with a Bali villa.


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