A lot of people believe that female strippers make a lot of money. Some believe that the very good ones take in as much as $15,000 Australian dollars. The truth is that strippers Gold Coast do not make that much. However, they surely make more compared than being in an office job. Those females who do topless waitressing and bartending duties take in less money than their dancing counterparts but significantly make a lot more than clothed waitresses and barmaids.

bachelor partyFemale strippers who dance in high-end establishments take in a lion’s share of the income pyramid because the people they dance for have a lot of money to burn. But, here is the thing about how these ladies get paid, they do not receive a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly salary. Female strippers Gold Coast work for their take home money by encouraging men to put tips on them and to pay for a lap dance. Then at the end of the day, the more money they have on them the more they take home. However, they pay the establishment a certain percentage for the venue. But this is just minimal. The rest they take home with them.

This only means one thing, if these women want to take home more money, then they better plan on dancing in an establishment where a lot of rich and able men go to. Then the next move for these girls is to make these customers come back for more.  The truth is that female strippers Gold Coast who have regular repeat customers can rake in hundreds of dollars on a nightly basis. With this in mind, the number of strippers in these clubs keeps on increasing as topless bar ladies and waitresses end up becoming strippers as well once they get information on how much these strippers make on a nightly basis. This is actually a job that pays well and has benefits like flexible working hours that is perfect for single ladies and students.

But these strippers who earn top money had to work for their money. First, of course they have to work on their looks. Men prefer toned bodies with sexy faces.  And second, female strippers obviously must know how to dance and tease at the same time. The lack of talent in dancing is surely a turn-off for men.

Female strippers Gold Coast who have these characteristics are surely the ones who are paid big-time.

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