For every woman out there, dresses have always been a major part of the wardrobe. In fact, there’s no such thing as a wardrobe when there’s not one single dress in it. Ask any womens stylist and certainly they’ll agree. Dresses are the type of clothing that is versatile enough to be easily worn for any occasion or event, and they can quickly be gussied up or toned down, according to our Personal Stylist Brisbane. Even if the fashion trends are always changing from year to year and season to season, dresses will always be something that women can’t live without. From formal ones a corporate stylist will recommend, to sweet casual varieties, a dress is there for every woman to own.

Now here’s a list of some of the dress “must-haves” for women this year:

  1. Flirty Summer Frock
    If you’re the sweet type, you will want a flirty summer frock to wear, well, for this summer. A sundress for warm summer days and hot summer night is perfect with a touch of flirty and sweet flavor. You can pair it with sandals or flats, and then highlight with jewels or even heels. When the cold season begins, you can still make use of this with tights and cardigan.
  2. Womens StylistPrinted Floral Dress
    According to our personal stylist Brisbane, a knee or tea length floral dress is perfect for just about any event for the entire year of highlighting your sense of style. You can even wear it in garden parties, weddings, or even more tranquil evening events. For those who are willing to go bolder, a bigger and brighter floral print will take care of that. Smaller floral prints on the other hand are for the shy type but are willing to be trendy.
  3. Floor Length Beauty
    Every woman deserves to be a stunner. But now everyone can afford an expensive floor length designer dress. However, who says you need one? The fact is a simple yet elegant floor length dress printed in bold color will look entirely the same to that of an expensive one. The nice thing about this dress is you don’t really need to find a special event or occasion to wear one. You can dress it down with casual handbags and flat sandals. It is another “must-have” for tall and curvy women.
  4. Slip-On Party Dress
    Of course, you ought to have a party dress, all women do. No matter how fancy your Womens Stylist tell you about the dress you can wear in a party, you should know that the best options is still a slip on and fail safe type that is reliable. Reliability in this sense means you simply slip on, zip up, and feel very comfortable in it. You don’t have to worry about how you look and you can do a lot of work in it like putting some throwback colors, above-the-knee hemline, or embellished necklines.
  5. Tailored Dress for Formal Events (Knee Length)
    Finally, there will always come that time when you’re called upon for a company event or a meeting with some sort of formal theme. You can’t look dull and ugly, of course. But you wouldn’t want to be wearing something that’s ideal for a beach outing. Hence, any Corporate Stylist will recommend a tailored dress intended for formal events. And yes, you ought to have one because it’s a necessity for women to look stunning even in formal and grown up events.
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