Imagine your dream vacation, does it include a sunny beach and fun water sports? Then surfing might just be the thing for you. You may not be the most athletic guy around in the beach, but when it comes to surfing you don’t need to be the most muscular and physical to have the perfect surfing experience. All you need is the beach, a surfboard, and an afternoon of fun. You wouldn’t need too much gear to bring with you and it would only take you a few lessons to get a hang of it. I’ve been to quite lot of beaches and surfing spots in the U.S., I’ve been to Sayulita in Mexico, and to a couple of beaches in Southeast Asia. A lot of these beaches have different appels to them. But if you’re planning on going to your dream vacation with just the right amount of relaxation and surfing thrills, there is no place like the Gold Coast surfing beaches.gold_coast

The Gold Coast surfing beaches, also rightfully dubbed as the “Surfer’s Paradise” is a real must-see when you visit Queensland, Australia. This magnificent place is a 70 kilometer wide paradise, is consisted of 35 beaches, with four break points, and miles of beachbreaks. It is a great beach not just for surfers but for families as well and beach loving tourists as well. The winds make two foot waves which is a wonderful place to start your surfing experience. The waves are uncrowded and safe but once in a while there are four foot waves produced by offshore cyclones, if you’re a real surfing enthusiast you would love these high waves. There are lots of other things you can do besides surfing, you can boogie board which is just perfect in the morning, you could go kite surfing, or you could go paddling. Among the four point breaks is the “Superbank”, a famous beach break that you would certainly find thrilling with its long waves, and waves that make tubes and solid walls.

There are frequently visited spots the Gold Coast surfing beaches like the Narrowneck, The Spit, Main Beach, or Palm Beach that are known for calm and friendly waves. If you’re traveling you’re your family, rest assured that these surfing beaches are always patrolled by professional lifeguards. The water and beaches are flocked by tourists every year because the lovely uncongested feel. No wonder this place is one of the top places to visit for the best vacation. The next time you daydream about sunny beaches and waves, think of this place because this truly is the “Surfer’s Paradise”.

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