A family trip in New Zealand gives your family a change to set foot in a place that will forever keep each member under its spell. One proof of its charm and beauty is its being the location of well-loved Lord of the Rings movies and booking a family sightseeing and driving holiday with car hire in New Zealand would be your first step in enjoying a dreamy and enchanting walk in places that had made many to fall in love with.

carhire_nz1A family tour in Tongariro National Park allows family members specially self-confessed Tolkien fans to walk in real life the land of Mordor and enjoy its phenomenal scenery that had created giant impact on the movie itself. If traveling either on a group tour or with the family through a car hire New Zealand, your first stop at Mount Ngauruhoe will bring you a real life encounter of the place where the ring was forged and destroyed. The Mount’s conical 2000 years old peak covered with enormous mound of ash is an impressive sight not only to  quench the eyes’ curiosity but as well as the Tolkien inside a fanatic. The family can climb the so-called Mount Doom, which is about six hours return walk. Other areas to explore include Mount Ruapehu, which is the North Island’s highest peak and reach by driving from Whakapapa Village.

If your car hire in New Zealand is a rugged family four-wheel vehicle, you can drive the entire family to Tukino ski field, which is located on the eastern side of the park. The ski fields are the beautiful plains of Gogoroth and Black Gate and setting foot there lets the family feel the serenity and even the desorption that was spread out  in the Lord of the Ring Trilogy.

After enjoying fine dining in Auckland, and sipping and scouting some world’s finest wine in Wellington, you can head off to Hamilton and set foot in the Hobbiton movie set and get excited  with its amazing Hobbit-sized Village used in the Hobbit movies. After the hobbit life experience, drive south with a car hire Hamilton and enjoy the natural beauty of Waitomo Caves and its stalactites and stalagmites. Walking amidst the blue lights of glowworms is a breathtaking experience for the whole family while the black water rafting completes a Hamilton family tour designed and created for family who loves pulsating sports and activities.

A traveling family in New Zealand will have variety of options catering each member’s preferences. Visiting with a car hire will allow family to enjoy places for dining, sightseeing, shopping and places for cycling, walking and hiking and experience being a family while traveling.

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