Photo booths are considered to be the “in” thing in events and festivities nowadays. These kinds of kiosk technology have definitely come a long way. At present, photo booths with sharing Facebook are seriously taking the limelight. Birthdays, weddings and even corporate events have already been utilizing this very interesting way of taking pictures. With its advanced features, it does more than actually taking and printing-out photographs.

If you have been thinking of hiring or renting out a Sydney Photo booth with a social media sharing feature for your next event, you can expect the following:

blink 21. Good quality photos                                                 

Primarily and obviously, this should be not taken for granted. Everybody wishes to look good in every photo. More so if they wish to post it in social media. The quality of the pictures should be in the most possible excellent condition.

2. Customized photo styles and designs

Effects can be added to the photographs. Borders, backgrounds and others can be personalized for your specific event. If you are promoting an event or a product, the logo can be incorporated to the photo.

3. Possible instant sharing

Photo booths with sharing Facebook allow people to share and post pictures instantly in their Facebook newsfeed. Logging in to your account is not necessary anymore. You do not need to ask for a soft copy of your picture and upload it in your newsfeed later on. These booths have softwares that are intended for this kind of procedure. Just enter your user name and password and voila, photo uploaded. Your friends can immediately see what you have been doing.

4. Share photos on Twitter

This is one way of promoting certain products and events. Twitter is really a very powerful medium for advertising and promotions. With the Photo Booth Sydney instant uploading feature, thousands of people can immediately see where you are.

5. State of the art kiosks

The photo booth itself is very sleek and attractive. It has touch screen features that can be operated effortlessly. You can also choose between a colored and a black and white photo.

6. Fast Printing

Of course, this should not be forgotten. This is actually the main reason for having a photo booth. To have a copy once the picture is taken. You can have the photograph in fifteen seconds.

Having enumerated all these, photo booths with sharing Facebook are indeed all you need to make your event fun, interesting and undeniably hip.

Give your guests something to remember on during your event with a photo keepsake, book a photo booth at

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