Spending the holidays with your loved ones is one important and precious experience any individual can have. If your family is planning to spend the holidays with a destination vacation, why not visit Parkes, New South Wales? This place holds beautiful attractions, thrilling activities and nice accommodation Parkes that can definitely suit your whole family’s interests. Parkes is an interesting town located 365 km west of Sydney in Australia. It has a very rich history especially in terms of agriculture and mining.

Elvis at ParkesParkes is not just any ordinary town. Any family who wishes to have an unforgettable holiday experience will definitely enjoy their stay here. If you are worrying about expensive hotels, there are cheap motels Parkes available across the place. They may be inexpensive however; you will still get the first class treatment that you can get from any luxurious hotels. One of the must see attractions in this humble town is the CSIRO Parkes Observatory. It houses the world’s leading scientific instrument, a steerable radio telescope that has contributed many firsts in radio astronomy.

Aside from the different wonderful accommodation Parkes, which may be a bed and breakfast, hotels, motels, inns and hostels, it also offers a lot of good restaurants and cafes that serve heavenly dishes. Your entire vacation will surely be filled with sumptuous meals, good wine and delightful coffee. The activities, events and festivals in Parkes are also something to look forward to as a family. The most popular event in this town is the Elvis Festival accommodation Parkes. It is usually a five-day event that is all about the King. The Henry Parkes Center is a complex that you can visit as well. It has museums that feature the most loved Elvis Presley.

If you want a little action, your entire family can have a hike through the Goobang National Park. The view is fantastic and breathtaking. It is also a venue for a nice and quiet camping experience.

Holidays are indeed best spent with family. It is the perfect time to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. Doing it in an unfamiliar and new place can make your experience as a family better and more exciting. Visiting Parkes is a suggestion that is worth trying. You do not have to worry since it provides Accommodation Parkes of all sorts.  May it be simple and inexpensive or lavish and luxurious, it does not actually matter. What matters is that you are all together having fun

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Why Not Spend the Holidays in Parkes?, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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