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Gold Coast is one of the most favorite tourist attraction spots in Australia; it stretches from the shores to the south of Brisbane and southeast of Queensland. This coastal region has tons of tourist attraction hot-spots to make your visit memorable. Gold Coast is the most desirable place that every person wishes to visit at least once in his lifetime. The following travel guide will surely help all those who are planning to travel to Gold Coast.goldcoast

Accommodation facilities are not to be worried about in the least, as there are many four and five star rated hotels and resorts, whose specifications are going to thrill you. There are separate arrangement packages for all, ranging from nature lovers to those who always like to be in the thick of things. Being a coastal region, it is granted that there are water parks and cool surfing adventure parks made for you in Gold Coast.

Now, the main problem that you might be facing is how to get there. Transportation facilities from almost all the country’s capitals and all International airports of other cities to Gold Coast are enabled. Public transports on the streets of the gold coast are also available in plenty. If you want to travel exclusively with your family, you could opt for hiring a private car. A large number of car rental companies are available in Gold Coast and Queensland for your benefit. If you don’t mind traveling by bus, then you can contact Surfside Bus lines in Gold Coast, which is the local bus operator and book a conducted tour for your family.

Traveling via trains is even more convenient now in Gold Coast since the Gold Coast railway line has been reconstructed in the mid-1990s. Sea world and Broadbeach holds two monorail systems in Gold Coast. These train routes and monorail systems cover up almost all the significant tourist spots throughout Gold Coast. Transportation via ferry is another great option that you can opt for. It allows you a beautiful view of the sea and the coastal areas. The Gold Coast city council has called for the ferry service to be operated on solar powered catamarans.

Although they connect most of the parts, they are not accepted as a part of Translink (southeast Queensland). The last and recently developed means of transport is the Gold Coast rapid transit system. This system has been designed to enable the visitors and the general public to use public transport and suppress the rapid increment of traffic congestions and pollution.

Gold Coast Holidays has Mt Barney National Park, Mount Tamborine Adventure Park and several wildlife sanctuaries which your kids will love to see when you travel to Gold Coast. Famous spots often visited by tourists are Surfer’s Paradise which has exhilarating beaches, theme parks which consist of Movie World, David Fleay Wildlife Park, Dream world, Wet’n’Wild and Sea World, the Hinterland Mountains that are occupied with bushes and forests. With the help of this travel guide, we hope you will enjoy your travel and stay at Gold Coast.

Find out more about Gold Coast, Australia:

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Critical to the popularity of hotels is its location, not just its amenities. What about one thing to be considered is “the Pearl of the Andaman Sea”? Your Phuket accommodation is about experiencing the true beauty and comfort of a real tropical hotel resort. Not only is it nestled in the corner of the world where summer can be experienced every day, but it is also surrounded by the crystal clear waters and is interestingly designed in that exotic but beautiful Thai style.

Depositphotos_71419053_s-2015In fact, holidays in Thailand are not just popular (and accessible) to movie stars and rich people because Phuket has something for everyone. This tropical paradise offers a variety of water adventures that beach lovers crave, as well as an unforgettable tropical resort experience for every budget, group size and taste. With its dramatic cliffs and palm trees, Thailand’s most famous island destination paints the scene of truly being in paradise.

Just because you are in an island means, you have to forget the luxuries you are used to at home. In fact, your Thailand accommodation is not just equipped with all the modern appliances and comforts that you enjoy back home, but its upscale resorts and hotels will even take it a notch higher and give its guests an exclusive and luxurious holiday experience like no other.

Your Phuket accommodation and trip also offers you a chance to experience something different. The world-famous Thai cuisine will be a trip on its own, taking its guests into a culinary adventure that is nothing like the Asian restaurants you have back home.

In fact, to experience Thai culture in its entirety, make sure to also book your Chang Mai Hotels and take a side trip to the historical walled city where visitors can experience the former capital and home of the ancient Lanna kingdom and spot its monks along its streets. If you ever wanted to see something so different from Western culture and delve deep into the mysterious and exotic Asian ones, your trip to Thailand will not disappoint.

So for travel enthusiasts, adventure seekers or those simply looking for their next holiday destination, plan your trip to Thailand and discover why thousands of tourists have had the times of their lives either in the ancient city of Chang Mai or in the white beaches of Phuket. You might just find your new favorite corner of the world, right there in that pool or beachside lounge of your Phuket accommodation.

Phuket Thailand has not decreased its popularity as one perfect holiday paradise despite once hit by a nature phenomenon. So, book your next holiday.

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oxford2Accommodation facilities like hotels, inns, hostels and guest houses face tough competition because guests’ preferences change a lot. While good service is the biggest factor in attracting guests, updated facilities such as bathrooms and bedrooms, and beautiful interiors have a lot to say in attracting guests. Hence, renovation is something like a must-to-do if owners want to keep up their good score as accommodation provider. On this note, Sydney bathroom renovations are coming up with fresh ideas to help accommodation facilities beat competition and stay in business for long.

Urban living

Sydney accommodations are designed for urban living. Cosmopolitan living is the latest trend and travelers love experiencing the same environment even when away from home. Hence, Sydney bathroom renovations are into giving what guests are used to – functional bathrooms but with spices of the cosmo living. Designs are with minimalist elements and the use of common finishing like tiles and granite stones give the homey feeling while opting to be sleek and modern.

Detail-focused designs

Bathroom renovation in Sydney is telling everyone that it is okay not to follow the trends. If owners want a certain style, going for it oftentimes lead to being unique. Working on a certain style like a gothic style bathroom but focusing on details according to Sydney bathroom renovations will result to good balance between cotemporary and a period style. Their cool tip is to create a bathroom divider with delicate details to make something temporary as permanent.

The Sydney style

Sydney accommodations are promoting Sydney so it is but right to present their facilities with the Sydney style. Custom bathroom renovations make use of Australia’s iconic awnings to show off Sydney style. Vibrant colors as well as plaid black and white are great players in Sydney styled bathrooms. Sydney wood and stones find places in kitchen as well in bathroom cabinets, doors thus giving the iconic Aussie look. Their cool tip is placing incandescent lights and lamps for glamorous atmosphere.

As an art

Bathroom designing and renovation are now considered as an art. Works are focused on themes and materials. Ensuite bathrooms are rendered as a palette where rustic materials like brick walls and ceramic tiles are elegantly used. Designs can be dreamy but always suiting to any grouping – feminine and masculine or every personality. The catch is that the bathroom is never like the space one has at home.

Any renovation aims improvements and it is a clever way from an accommodation to beat competition and keep up the business.

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Bali is not called paradise without just reasons. One great reason why thousands of tourists flock the beach island yearly is the many surf resorts it has. Many visit the island to have a view of the picturesque union of the sea and sky. Others want to experience the Indonesian culture while enjoying the local cuisine. There are also those who frequently visit Bali to have a thrilling surfing experience. Both professionals and amateurs like the beach in the island because of the big waves suitable for surfing.

bower-manly-1514556-639x406If you haven’t considered the surf resorts in Bali as among the best, below are the top reasons why you should consider them:

Access to great surfing spots

As a surfer or surfing enthusiast, what you are after is the beach that constantly creates big waves to where you can surf. Like the surf resorts in Maldives, those in Bali are near the spots, where big waves are formed and go to the shore frequently. Though it is a task of the surfer or an enthusiast to look for surfing spots, sometimes it may eat up a lot of your time and may end up not enjoying surfing. So, the best and sure way to enjoy the activity is to book in any of the top surf resorts in Indonesia’s beach islands such as Bali and Java. The resorts will provide you access to the many and near surf spots so you won’t have to waste time and money looking for them.

High-class amenities

Though you are geared to stay under the sun for longer hours, you of course need a convenient and comfortable place to stay in. With this, surf resorts in Java and Bali can provide you all that. The resorts are complete with the different rooms you need to stay clean and comfortable. Each resort has a high class bath and comfort room where you clean totally clean yourself after a long day of surfing. Then, the big rooms are great for you to have a sound sleep. You can choose a resort that has air-conditioned rooms so you can stay cool when having a rest or while sleeping at night.

The  also offer great food. You can have a taste of both the local and international cuisines. With this, you won’t miss the food that you’re used to and the food that you must try.

Surfing is one hobby that only the tough ones can manage. In fact, surfing enthusiasts go even half of the globe searching for the best surf spots.

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Traveling to Australia soon? Before getting excited on the places to see and things to do, you better take a peek on our notes regarding car rental in Gold Coast. There is nothing more stressful than having to go around places without an efficient partner in your travel. For smart travelers, booking a car hire service is done as one of the more important preparations for a fuss-free travel.

Finding the best car hire deal

car_hire_au2Like the other aspects of your holiday, you can find lots of good deals for car rental in Gold Coast as well as the rest of Australia. The Internet is a great resource that will introduce you to several choices so you can easily compare the terms and prices of each.

By doing a few clicks, you will be able to access the best companies that offer car rental in Gold Coast. That means, you would not have to cram booking for a car service once you are in your destination or even rely on your hotel to provide you suggestions. You can book the service yourself and enjoy the liberty of comparing rates until you find the best deal that’s suitable to your needs and requirements.

When looking for a car rental in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, you must keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Ask for all-inclusive prices. Do not be fooled by supposedly low rates when they actually come with compulsory fees and other hidden charges. When you ask for a price quote, make it clear whether it is an all-inclusive rate or not to be sure that you will not be spending more than you thought you would.
  • Take advantage of free add-ons. Some companies that offer car hire in Adelaide may offer add-ons for free as part of a promotional sale or something. Take advantage of those. It would not hurt to receive free kilometres, especially if there is so much more about the Land Down Under that you want to see.
  • Know your end of the trade. Always be clear of your duties and responsibilities, as well as your financial liability for booking the car hire service. Accidents may happen even if you don’t want it so better be prepared of what your liability might be.
  • Examine the car carefully before driving off. Make sure that it is in perfect condition and keep that documented so you will have enough coverage just in case.
  • Remember to get your car hire service’s contact numbers.
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Australia is definitely a great place to organize and enjoy parties. Many buck parties are always well attended because of the presence of a topless waitress or waitresses that make the people excited. Having waitresses that are topless has been making parties in Australia more fun and exciting. It provides a whole new meaning to parties that are traditionally all about alcohol and loud music.

You may wonder how these topless waitresses make every buck’s party more fun. Well, they have characteristics that party organizers seek for.

Depositphotos_4019263_s-2015Works Professionally

Waitresses who work topless know that it is only for work. They understand that to make parties such as buck’s parties more interesting is to have something new to offer. Of course, they agreed to work topless based on an agreed price. In addition, being topless is also one great way for them to show how proud they are with their body. In Australia, there are many options for buck’s party venue packages that include the service of professional waitresses.

Gorgeous Physique

Many of those who attend a buck’s night are expecting to see great physique from waitresses. Melbourne is one of the cities in Australia where parry-goers can always find beautiful waitresses with sexy bodies. Topless waitresses Melbourne are particularly conscious about how they look. This is why they always make sure that their bodies are in great shape. There are many things they do to achieve that. One is following a healthy diet that doesn’t let them accumulate unwanted fats in their bellies, thighs and other parts of the body.

Great at Entertaining

Keeping the guests entertained is an important task that a topless waitress is also expected to perform. Though they are not like the strippers who actually perform song numbers, a waitress is at the very least expected to entertain guests who arrive at the venue and ask them if they like to have a particular drink. The fact that they roam around the venue to offer everyone a drink is also what makes them entertaining. Men definitely won’t get sleepy or out of their mind even when they are continuously drinking alcohol. Following where the waitresses go will keep them awake.

With these characteristics of a topless waitress and other waitresses in Australia, a buck’s party is undeniably entertaining and more fun. The groom-to-be would surely enjoy his buck’s night he will attend to and will leave with nothing but great and unforgettable memories and experiences.

A buck’s party is something to attend to by the groom. But, for the best man who will organize it, the party has to be unique and exciting.

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Depositphotos_1270522_s-2015Sydney plays host to more than 5 million tourists every year with a great majority during the months leading to the holiday season, as everyone wants to get a glimpse of the New Year in Sydney’s famed Harbour. Sydney is also home to several Michelin Starred restaurants that bespeaks the city’s penchant for glorious food creations. Now, choosing the top Sydney restaurants may seem intimidating at first but the following tips should help you narrow down your choices.

Capitalize on the power of the internet

All of the world’s top restaurants already have their own website. If not, you can always find something on the internet. While TripAdvisor can give you a rundown of the best restaurants in Sydney, you might also consider other best restaurant sites as well. The point is, the best Sydney restaurants can be determined with just a few clicks and swipes on your smartphone screen. Otherwise, you can always use your laptop or desktop to find out the best restaurant in the city. For a truly wonderful dining experience, price notwithstanding, you might want to zero in on restaurants with Michelin Stars.

Ask your favorite food blogger

Now, if you don’t like a Michelin Starred restaurant, you can try looking for a Sydney food blog, as they do provide excellent, albeit very subjective, take on some of Sydney’s best restaurants. It does not actually have to be a first-class dining establishment simply because what you will be after is the richness of the food itself. If you are following a particular Sydney food blogger, you can even engage with the blogger himself to get a more personalized insight regarding a particular restaurant that you are interested in. These food bloggers will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Ask your Sydney hotel

If you are not fond of the internet and are currently staying at a Sydney hotel or accommodation, you can always ask the hotel manager for recommendations regarding the top Sydney restaurants. Remember, these will be their personal picks and are often a reflection of the feedback they get from their other hotel guests. Now, if the hotel happens to have one or two dining establishments, don’t expect the hotel manager to point you elsewhere. Of course, he will be pointing you to their own restaurant.

Take a stroll

Want the top Sydney restaurants? Take a stroll and enjoy the life of the city. You can easily spot a good restaurant from mediocre ones. However, be prepared because your expectations may be dampened by the variable service or the food quality that you get. Always have your smartphone on hand and be ready to look for reviews on a particular restaurant you saw down the street.

Choosing the best restaurants in Sydney has never been made easier with technology. For best results however, it is often generally advisable to seek the guidance of online food guides.

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Depositphotos_58533807_s-2015Bali is one of the most sought after travel destinations in Indonesia. It offers many world-class experiences nestled in a fantastic scenery. Once you book hotels in Bali, you are in for some priceless memories that will live on for a long time.

Bali may be just a small island. But, its size could not be underrated. In fact, it may even come as an advantage for those who are in need of a quality holiday because everything is juts nearby. When you book hotels in Bali, you would not have to go very far to get to the island’s most popular attractions. The entire island can be covered within a day. If you want to savour the precious moments in one attraction after another, however, you would spend a longer period for this vacation. Don’t worry because the island has so much in store that will never leave you bored.

Celebrating fun times

The major attraction that you cannot miss when you book hotels in Bali is, of course, its beaches. Also known as the Island of the Gods, this paradise offers a stunning array of beaches that are mostly packed with truly exciting activities. Whether you are a backpacker bound by a shoestring budget or a luxury holiday seeker willing to splurge, you will find a special spot in the island for you.

The key to enjoy Bali, Indonesia is to find a nice base. Choosing your hotel, therefore, should be a primary concern. The island is small but has a lot in store. You must be clear where you want to go or what you want to do exactly to determine in which part of the island you should book an accommodation. Ubud and the southern tip of Bali can get pretty crowded. If you are not fond of brushing elbows with throngs of people, don’t worry because the central mountains and the west and north coasts have chill out spots available.

Hotels in Bali are situated carefully nearby its prized attractions. There are shopping stalls, dining areas, and spa havens almost everywhere. You would not have to sacrifice your comforts if you are able to choose your accommodation well. One of the secrets to getting a nice spot at Bali hotels and Seminyak hotels in particular is booking early. Bali’s peak travel season can be seriously packed. If you do not want to be left behind in the dust, desperate to find a nice, reasonably priced place to stay, you would prioritize booking for your accommodation. That could make or break the quality of your vacation.

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There are a number of car hire companies in Sydney located at the airport and in Gold Coast, located at Coolangatta airport, including:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Hertz
  • Thrifty
  • Europcar
  • Redspot, and a lot more.

When looking at car rental Sydney, or car hire Gold Coast there are a few tips and tricks that can be used to get the best deal. You will pay a premium on car rentals from the airport, but if you are arriving via plane, it can still work out the cheapest option as you will otherwise need to pay for transport to get to/from the offsite rental location.

First, use car rental booking websites to compare prices for cars across all of the car rental network.  You may be able to determine which car rental company is the most cost effective and affordable for the type of car and rental time/period that you are looking to book. However, you should also look at the individual company websites to see if they are running promotional deals. Different car companies are cheaper at different times of the year. You may also find different promotions being run at different times of the year which can give you better prices than competitors.

You will also want to check your travel insurance (if you have it) to see what car insurance is included as part of your package. If you will be needing extra insurance then you will also need to check the cost of that insurance with each of the car rental companies as they can vary largely, and they may significantly add to your hire costs.

You will also want to check the cost of any additional items you may need to request as part of your car hire (for example, GPS or car seats).  I recently booked a car from Coolangatta airport through My original booking was made about 6 months in advance, because I had time, I was able to compare multiple car rental websites which in the end saved me around AUD 200 on the car I wanted over a 16 day period in the high season.  About five weeks before I traveled, I did a quick search of a number of similar car rental sites again to see if I could find a better deal. Right Car Hire was still the cheapest.  I had comprehensive travel insurance so did not need to pay for any of hertz’s additional insurances.

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Renting a cheap car for your vacation is a very popular choice for traveler. Traveling by car offers you the chance to visit places off the beaten track, experience flexibility, enjoy independence and operate on your own schedule. If you are planning on renting a car for your next travel, there are some potentially costly mistakes to avoid. Here is a list of the biggest car rental errors you’ll want to avoid.

Renting from an airport

Avoid renting a car from the airport because you’ll most definitely encounter airport surcharges. In order to avoid these additional fees and possibly spend less on car rentals, it is imperative to opt for a car rental service away from the airport.

Returning a car late

Most car rental companies charge daily rates based on 24-hour periods. Many of us hardly stick to time we say we’ll return the car. It is advisable to pick a reasonable time for returning a rental car. While some rental companies may give a few hours grace of time, others hold you to the time you said you’d return the car. Try to return your car earlier and on time to avoid being charged an extra fee.

car comparePrice comparison

So many travelers uses the “one-and-done” approach when booking a rental car. Car rental rates varies depending on the company, so it is advisable to compare prices of different rental company and opt for the one that offers the best deals. If you plan on driving long distance, check for mileage caps. While some rental companies allows you to drive the car as much as you want during the rental period, others charge you additional fees for exceeding a daily mileage maximum.

Fill up gas tank yourself

Prepaying for gas means you’ll have to pay for a full tank of gas, even if you return with plenty of gas in it. In a bid to save more and spend less, it pays to fill up gas tank yourself since there are cheaper gas prices at some station around the city. Before dropping off your car, endeavor to top off the gas as some rental companies will charge you even if the gas gauge is just an inch away from it normal position.

Do not rush through inspection

Ensure your rental car is thoroughly inspected to avoid being charged for damages you didn’t cause. Most rental cars are properly maintained, but damages such as stains in the interior or scratches on the body can go unnoticed. Whenever you come across any defect during inspection, be sure to notify the rental company to avoid paying for it.

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