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Car accidents figure in a good percentage of mortalities worldwide. The number of car accidents seems to be increasing each year that car owners also grow in a fast pace. To keep your family from being part of the statistics, it is important that you observe safety at all times when using the car. One way you can do this effectively is by availing of safety features that automobile manufacturers offer, such as airbags and seatbelts.

The Safety Belt

Seatbelts are basic yet very effective in shielding families from the possible ugly effects of accidents. They come in handy to decrease the impact of collision by applying a certain hold in your torso area. That means you will keep your head from banging onto the windshield, if you are the driver and/or seating at the front seat. With a seatbelt on, the possibility of serious damage is somehow reduced.

Airbags and Better Protection

airbagsAirbags also offer some form of shield from the banging caused by a collision. Basically, it is a unit that keeps the driver from banging towards the front. The air bar inflates so the impact is lessened. It also deflates soon enough, saving the driver from considerable damage.

It is a must for car manufacturers to provide the safety tool installed in the ride. Of course, they are designed to meet the specific requirements on the car involved. 4 wheel drive airbags may differ from the regular ones. The same way that an SUV seatbelt differs from the one installed in a truck. But, they are all made towards the basic function of providing some form of safety features to the riders, including the driver, which mostly suffers greater damage.

The industry is doing something about it. In fact, cars need to go through serious inspection, making sure that the basic safety tools are installed before they are launched in the market. It is up to the car passengers, therefore, to make use of them. The responsibility of being safe in the wheel would depend on how cautious the passengers are.

It does not matter if you have Firestone airbags installed or some other type. If you are not going to take caution while you take the wheel, an accident is likely to happen. Although the airbag can shield you from the strong impact, you could not vouch on it alone. You have to take it upon yourself to take driving serious so you would not have to rely on the credibility of the air bag man for your life.

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