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Gold coast has several popular holiday attractions and destinations. Visiting these attractions guarantees a memorable vacation since they offer numerous amusement opportunities. You can go surfing, swimming, or visit its famous theme parks and large shopping centers if you prefer hanging about on dry land. The city offers something for everyone.

The city is among the most popular tourist hot-spots in Australia. It offers excellent guest accommodation to suit your budget and needs, with its vast selection of five and four-star hotels, apartments, and resorts; which provide spectacular views of green tropical foliage and beautiful beaches. Various other facilities, for instance, private dining rooms and boardrooms are offered at some places to ensure that all your needs are catered for.

Gold Coast has about fifty-two kilometers of beach, fine dining, waves that are good for surfing, throbbing nightlife, and a lot of other things to do for visitors. These sites are guaranteed to delight anyone who visits, whether one is a nature buff, a shopping enthusiast, or a beach lover.

The city offers places to see throughout the year due to its sub-tropical climate. Regardless of the time of your visit, there are exciting and fun activities and several places to see. Apart from the city’s natural beauty and beaches, it is also popular due to its impressive theme parks, for example, Movie World and Dreamworld, which entertain both to the old and the young visitors.

In case you prefer shopping, there are both small souvenir shops and large shopping centers for you to visit. You can check with the Q1 observation deck located at the tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere. The Gold Coast along with its attractions will appeal to every visitor. The city also provides an opportunity to learn more about Australian culture and history; you can even come across local crafts and art shops where you can buy local art. In case you prefer accommodation in the hinterland, consider visiting the Lamington National Park, to stay at O’Reilly’s in luxurious comfort while enjoying a fantastic view of the park.

In case you want to look for the types of accommodation available, consider visiting tourist-oriented websites which may offer exclusive discounted rates on various hotels, resorts, and apartments when you make online reservations. Several of these sites are located right across from Southern Gold Cross station; therefore you will have no problem when you travel around the city.

Gold Coast is considered to be the Australian getaway to various tourist destinations, and it is doubtful that you will come across a better location for your holiday than this city.

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goldcoastThe Gold Coast Australia is incredibly famous for its eminent year round sub-tropical atmosphere and nice environment. The district is honored with magnificent unblemished shorelines washed by the sky blue Pacific Ocean. The sun dependably is by all accounts sparkling down on the tanned and cheerful admirers who can appreciate the numerous joys of this some portion of Queensland for all intents and purposes twenty-four seven. It is nothing unexpected that with regards to fun in the sun with a distinction; and the Pines Resort Gold Coast is the place to be.

This some portion of Queensland is between Brisbane in the North and Sydney in the South. It is numbered about 6th as far as its size in the entire of Australia, and has a standing populace of five hundred thousand, which extends enormously at pinnacle excursion times.

Places to go in 2017 Gold Coast:

Customarily individuals visit the Gold Coast Australia for all the seaside and water based attractions, for example, swimming, surfing, shorelines and the many amusement parks and different attractions. Be that as it may, remove a stage from the buzzing about of the primary shoreline to find the hinterland and you will get the full Gold Coast understanding. Make certain to visit Hinterland goals, for example, Spring brook National Park, Canoga Valley. There is a lot more to do in the Gold Coast hinterland that is so particularly not quite the same as locales and attractions from anyplace else you may have voyage.

Spring brook is a little settlement settled in the midst of the Spring brook National Park. Here, guests will discover Antarctic Beech trees and a dazzling plenty of local Australian natural life and plants. Guests to Spring brook National Park ought to likewise make certain to visit the 1km trail along the Natural Bridge territory of the National Park which takes in the shine worm buckle at Cave Creek and goes through a Natural Arch. At the foot of the rivulet guests can appreciate a rest and have a swim in the Warringal Pool. Various waterfalls are situated with the National Park range which likewise has some amazing rough scenes. Purling brook fall is the hugest of the falls. There are a few kilometers of strolling trails inside the recreation center that let you wind and genuinely make the most of your Hinterland occasion.

When is the best time to go to Gold Coast?

Australian and Queensland you have to look at the dates as they do vary from State to State in Australia. This page gives you unpleasant dates to pay special mind to, in addition to there’s a connection to a consistently redesigned one page that has all the Australian School occasion dates in it – exceptionally valuable, I’m continually checking this one myself!

Community holidays – Open occasions are typical around Australia which can give chances to long ends of the week without the group! Every month to month page gives a rundown of the normal Queensland open occasions.

Main events – Go to or maintain a strategic distance from them! A portion of the occasions on the Gold Coast incorporate Gold Coast Indy, Magic Millions Racing and Horse Sales, Tennis, Golf, Surfing.

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surfers_paradiseSet on an expansive and stunning ocean beach, Surfers Paradise is a lively tourist destination that pulls the hearts of many holidaymakers across the world. From the blue waters of the ocean and the spectacular sand to the magnificent resorts and the vibrant entertainment joints, this jewel of Queensland offers something for everyone. Planning to travel to Gold Coast Australia? Well, these are the best things to do and see in this tourist hotspot.

Hit the beach.
You will not enjoy the charm of this place to fullness without visiting the foreshore. The beach offers a myriad of thrilling activities to the visitors. Whether you want to surf, scuba dive, swim or watch whale, you can do it in the beach. Enjoy your favorite watersport or interact with friendly marine animals. One of the water activities that you shouldn’t miss is jet boating. Get into a turbo-charged boat and explore the deep sea and the attractive surrounds. Watch whales as they care for their younger ones aboard a whale watching vessel.

Visit the SkyPoint Deck.
The best way to enjoy the aerial views of this magnificent city is to visit this viewing tower. SkyPoint Deck is located atop the Q1 building. The deck is 325 metres above the ground and allows you to enjoy the views of the golden coastline, hinterland, skyline and the Pacific Ocean. Grab a drink at a fully equipped bar and restaurant located in the deck.

Cruise the waterways.
With a canal system longer than those of Venice and Amsterdam combined, this city offers wonderful cruises to the enthusiasts of the leisure activity. The cruises are a great way to explore the inaccessible highlights, like the waterfront housing at the back side of the city. The South Stradbroke and Wave Break are better explored through the cruises. Choose from morning cruises, afternoon tours or dinner cruises and have a wonderful sightseeing experience.

The Infinity attraction.
Located in the popular Chevron Renaissance area, Infinity is a unique attraction that features optical illusions and visual trickery. Everything in this overwhelming place confuses your senses. Some sections of Infinity make you feel like you are walking over imaginary bridges while others like you are walking through space. The kids’ friendly attraction allows children and younger adults to play games on their senses.

Visit a nightclub.
With a huge variety of nightclubs, this coastal city is a top spot for people who want to “let loose” and unwind after a day of mind-boggling activities. The most popular entertainment joints are located in the Orchid and Cavill Avenues. The other city hubs have good nightclubs and bars (both large establishments and small taverns) scattered everywhere. So you will not miss a place to pass your night in the most pleasing way.

The Ripleys.
Popularly known as “Odditorium”, Ripleys is the one of the oldest attractions in Surfers Paradise. This place is still intriguing and entertaining despite its old age. If you want to get a glimpse of the weird and wonderful, take your time to explore Ripleys. You will come across fascinating arts and crafts as well as scary skeletons and mannequins. Make your travel to Gold Coast Australia a memorable one by visiting this longest-running tourist attraction.

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A lot of people believe that female strippers make a lot of money. Some believe that the very good ones take in as much as $15,000 Australian dollars. The truth is that strippers Gold Coast do not make that much. However, they surely make more compared than being in an office job. Those females who do topless waitressing and bartending duties take in less money than their dancing counterparts but significantly make a lot more than clothed waitresses and barmaids.

bachelor partyFemale strippers who dance in high-end establishments take in a lion’s share of the income pyramid because the people they dance for have a lot of money to burn. But, here is the thing about how these ladies get paid, they do not receive a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly salary. Female strippers Gold Coast work for their take home money by encouraging men to put tips on them and to pay for a lap dance. Then at the end of the day, the more money they have on them the more they take home. However, they pay the establishment a certain percentage for the venue. But this is just minimal. The rest they take home with them.

This only means one thing, if these women want to take home more money, then they better plan on dancing in an establishment where a lot of rich and able men go to. Then the next move for these girls is to make these customers come back for more.  The truth is that female strippers Gold Coast who have regular repeat customers can rake in hundreds of dollars on a nightly basis. With this in mind, the number of strippers in these clubs keeps on increasing as topless bar ladies and waitresses end up becoming strippers as well once they get information on how much these strippers make on a nightly basis. This is actually a job that pays well and has benefits like flexible working hours that is perfect for single ladies and students.

But these strippers who earn top money had to work for their money. First, of course they have to work on their looks. Men prefer toned bodies with sexy faces.  And second, female strippers obviously must know how to dance and tease at the same time. The lack of talent in dancing is surely a turn-off for men.

Female strippers Gold Coast who have these characteristics are surely the ones who are paid big-time.

For a great fun and entertaining Bachelor party, organize something that’s out of the ordinary for the groom-to-be with

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Gold Coast is well known for having great places that you and your family can enjoy themselves during summer seasons. If you like hot summer weather, visiting Gold Coast will give you a memorable experience and you will definitely enjoy your short trip or long vacation. During this season the rain falls in form of short, tropical storms mostly in the high afternoon or very early in the evening and . The following are places to go in Gold Coast during summer that will give you the chance to enjoy yourself.


There are numerous beaches which are controlled and regulated by volunteers and professional lifesavers. If you decide to tour around here you will find red and yellow flags which mark the patrolled area in the specific time of the year. Always you are supposed to swim between flags. Around the beaches there very nice places for instance, North Burleigh, Surfers paradise, Broadbeach which are about 3-4 km. To ensure that have the best moment don’t swim while you drunk or during the night.

Currumbin wildlife sanctuary

You got a chance here to enjoy wildlife free shows and displays as well as indulging yourself with various varieties of indigenous creatures. Not forgetting about the Aboriginal dancers who are always there to entertain you with interesting performances. Experience the memorable innate wildlife and coastal rain-forest encounter.

Oz ball zorbing

oz_ballThis is the one of the world coolest adventure activity, whereby you have the chance to watch players rolling down a hill in a huge inflated ball. The place is just perfect to go zorbing hence you will spend your leisure time in a very engaging manner.


When you are here you have the opportunity to experience the ultimate rush of the skydiving operation. In involve adrenaline rush of hurtling toward the planet at 200 km/h feeling the sensational view as you gentle glide towards your beach landing. You must feel cool.


Don’t hesitate get to feel and seek the new bone chilling ride, with your youngest. Wow you will be surprised since this is the best place to be. You will experience unlimited fun in this in this place that you will leave to remember. Make a point of touring wonderful place.

Reasons to hit up during the summer.

  1. Flights are very affordable and cheap.
  2. There is wonderful and plenty of accommodation.
  3. It is a good home to one of the best buffet breakfast around there.
  4. Foodies will be in heaven since they are very tasty.
  5. Anytime you free you can comfortably head for the hills.
  6. You need traditional dinner? You will find it and a show sorted.
  7. You can’t get bored since there is wine tour ghost, tour jet, boat rides and jet pack.

The above are places to go in Gold Coast during summer, if you planning to visit Gold Coast spending your time on such places will be a great experience and you will get the opportunity to enjoy your summer season effectively. There are plenty .of things that you can do making your leisure time just fantastic and wonderful to satisfy all kids and parents of each and every kind of all tastes, year around during the summer time.

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Spending the holidays with your loved ones is one important and precious experience any individual can have. If your family is planning to spend the holidays with a destination vacation, why not visit Parkes, New South Wales? This place holds beautiful attractions, thrilling activities and nice accommodation Parkes that can definitely suit your whole family’s interests. Parkes is an interesting town located 365 km west of Sydney in Australia. It has a very rich history especially in terms of agriculture and mining.

Elvis at ParkesParkes is not just any ordinary town. Any family who wishes to have an unforgettable holiday experience will definitely enjoy their stay here. If you are worrying about expensive hotels, there are cheap motels Parkes available across the place. They may be inexpensive however; you will still get the first class treatment that you can get from any luxurious hotels. One of the must see attractions in this humble town is the CSIRO Parkes Observatory. It houses the world’s leading scientific instrument, a steerable radio telescope that has contributed many firsts in radio astronomy.

Aside from the different wonderful accommodation Parkes, which may be a bed and breakfast, hotels, motels, inns and hostels, it also offers a lot of good restaurants and cafes that serve heavenly dishes. Your entire vacation will surely be filled with sumptuous meals, good wine and delightful coffee. The activities, events and festivals in Parkes are also something to look forward to as a family. The most popular event in this town is the Elvis Festival accommodation Parkes. It is usually a five-day event that is all about the King. The Henry Parkes Center is a complex that you can visit as well. It has museums that feature the most loved Elvis Presley.

If you want a little action, your entire family can have a hike through the Goobang National Park. The view is fantastic and breathtaking. It is also a venue for a nice and quiet camping experience.

Holidays are indeed best spent with family. It is the perfect time to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. Doing it in an unfamiliar and new place can make your experience as a family better and more exciting. Visiting Parkes is a suggestion that is worth trying. You do not have to worry since it provides Accommodation Parkes of all sorts.  May it be simple and inexpensive or lavish and luxurious, it does not actually matter. What matters is that you are all together having fun

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For that ‘golden’ holiday, travel to Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland. It is one of the most scenic places on earth. Every year thousands of tourists from around the world visit this place to enjoy the subtropical climate and all kinds of beach activities. From sunbathing to snorkelling and surfing activities in Gold Coast this is a paradise on earth for the tourists. The 70 kilometers of sun-drenched beaches of the Gold Coast is indeed a surfing paradise and it has established itself as a party destination for visitors from all over the world.

gold_coast_surfIt has many great attractions to offer visitors. The Theme Parks to visit would be Movie World, Wet’n Wild, White Water World and Sea World. At Dream World you can experience the Cyclone Roller Coaster, Giant Drop, Buzz Saw and Tower of Terror. Other activities would include visits to the Wax Museum; the Iceland Skating Rink; the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which houses 200 species of birds, reptiles and mammals. Another must-visit is the Carlton Brewhouse tour. For lovers of theatre and art there is the Draculas Cabaret Burlesque-style entertainment – a show that is so popular it has been running for the last 30 years. Mt. Tamborine, the ‘T’ Mountain National Park are great nature attractions and not to be missed out is Skypoint Observation Deck which gives a fantastic 360 degrees view of the city.

In the you can watch many life saving champions in action or see the world’s best surfers take part in the Quicksilver & Roxy Pro. You can also join the iron men and women of Australia in the Coolangatta Classic ocean swim. From the Gold Coast you can island-hop and get an opportunity to see the area’s aboriginal culture. West of the Gold Coast you will find lush rainforests and national parks such as the Border Ranges, Lamington, Nightcap and Main Range which are all world listed national parks.

After experiencing the thrilling theme parks and beautiful surf beaches of the you can take a trip to Brisbane, a vibrant city. You can take a cruise down the Brisbane River or climbing the Story Bridge are great ways to spend time; also a visit to the South Bank if you are into art and culture. You can also get to see koalas in the Noosa National Park, which is a coastal rainforest. If you are looking for a bit of sophistication you can visit the Noosa’s Hastings Street.

Finally a trip to this amazing place would remain incomplete without a safari on a Gold Coat fishing charter. Imagine salty winds gushing against your face, white splashes of water and a blue sea all around. And to ice it up with some fishing activities deep into the sea, does it get any bigger than this? This is what Gold Coast is all about – full of thrill, rush of adrenaline and plenty of adventure on-board deep sea fishing charters.

So when you travel to Australia for your next holiday, book your air tickets online and ensure you have a booking in one of the good Gold Coast hotels. After enjoying great surfing activities in Gold Coast, basking under the sun, and having fun in Australias golden beaches it will definitely be a holiday to remember.

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With so many available tanning products such as lotions, gel and mousses, there’s no reason you can be deprived of getting that summer glow and make heads turn. These products including spray tan kits are responsible for what are known today as sunless tanners. Most of these products are available for home use and some are used on professional tanning salons. If you want to have that summer glow and you would like to try these sunless tanning products, here are some simple facts that you must know to get the most from using them.

Dihydroxyacetone – a sugar responsible for the fake tan

TanningMost of these sunless tanning products have dihydroxyacetone or DHA that is safe to use. It is a sugar that interacts with the protein in the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and produced a dark color or fake tan that starts to fade when the skin cells begins to shed off dead cells. The fake tan usually lasts up to three to seven days after applications.

Lotions, gel and mousses are the easiest to use

Because lotions go smoothly and gel has quick drying time, they have fair advantage over spray tan kits for home use. They have less sticky feel. All of the tanning lotions, gel and mousses are readily available in drugstores and online. Mousses don’t have much moisture so they’re perfect for oily skin. Most of these lotions, gel, cream or mousses are self-tanning and work gradually over a few days.

Spray tanning is perfect for face, neck and upper chest tanning

Spray tan kits are popular nowadays because unlike lotions, gel and mousses, the tan fades evenly. It’s the easiest to use for the face, neck and upper chest. Most of these sunless tanning products give off bronze glow in as little time as in two or three hours that make it suitable for short call tanning.

Professional salon tanning is still the safest and with best results

Since preparation is the key in getting that summer glow by using spray tan, professional tanning done at a salon allows this to happen to every client. Clients are advised on the need of waxing or shaving the day before tanning. Spray tan Sydney has experts to work and pay attention to parts that are really dry such as the elbows, hands and feet to avoid tan turning too dark or into orange. Professional tanning also skips moisturizing that can interfere with even tanning and absorption.

Fake tan is in and thanks to sunless tanning products that allow every woman who wants to get that summer glow even without soaking under the sun.

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dreamworldDreamworld theme park is the perfect gate away destination for any vacation. Are you looking for a place to spend, Easter, Thanksgiving or even Christmas? Travel to Gold coast Australia. The gold coast is a beautiful city located in southeastern queensland,Australia.The coastal city has great climate that is ideal for any season, it experiences hot summers and warm winters.

The city is also adorned with a lot of beaches .This Park is the largest theme park in Australia. The theme park consists of a lot of fun theme sections. These include the whitewater world, tigerisland, wigglesworld, rocky hollow, dreamworld studios and DreamWorks experience just to mention afew.Dreamworld studios is the section set aside for production is popularly known for the production of the show big brother Australia with the house not being too far off. The wiggles world was built for young was named after Australian kids entertainers,the features attractions purposely for small children such as rides. Are you a lover of adventure?

This travel destination has got it all ranging from animal exhibitions, Porsche shopping malls, show arenas, ball play area, climbing wall, video arcade and roller coasters. This amazing park is a gate away that pretty much covers the whole family. Want to go shopping while in dreamland theme park Gold Coast? gold coast has a variety of shopping malls and markets that will simply blow you away. These include; Burleigh art and craft markets, Pacific fair shopping centre,Paradise centre,Suffers paradise beachfront markets,and Harbor town outlet shopping centre.You will definitely have the time of your life shopping at Gold Coast.

The restaurants found in this great tourist destination will have you feeling ecstatic about food.with the multicultural nature of the city gold coast and the highly -qualified chefs hired, you can be sure that the food is simply scrumptious. Some of the best restaurants to visit include; Sage café restaurant, Déjà view restaurant, Marina mirage gold coast, Southport sharks, Songbirds rainforest retreat, Tedder and woodroffe lounge and dancing waters café. Looking for an adventure? Visit the Tambourine Mountain, and Lamington national park.You will have an awesome time in these tropical forests.

Dreamworld theme park has a series of shows that will have you engaged throughout your stay. They have shows that run through the whole year.These include; the Christmas cup,countdown to 2015 at skypoint,new year’s eve dinner cruise,ladies day,sixth annual international surf n ink tattoo festival,jeep magic millions race day,Gold Coast food and wine expo and valentine’s day raceday.These are just but a few shows.The most essential thing to think about going away on vacation is accommodation. Gold coast has so many hotels that you could book for a stay.Some of them include;the mystery hotel, pacific views resort,solaire apartments, beach haven resort,montana palms,trickett gardens,montego sands resort, at the sands holiday apartments,Gold Coast holiday park,artique resort and aria apartments. With all these options, aren’t you spoilt for choice? You have all the reasons to travel to Gold Coast Australia. It’s an amazing destination for that vacation you have been longing for.

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For every woman out there, dresses have always been a major part of the wardrobe. In fact, there’s no such thing as a wardrobe when there’s not one single dress in it. Ask any womens stylist and certainly they’ll agree. Dresses are the type of clothing that is versatile enough to be easily worn for any occasion or event, and they can quickly be gussied up or toned down, according to our Personal Stylist Brisbane. Even if the fashion trends are always changing from year to year and season to season, dresses will always be something that women can’t live without. From formal ones a corporate stylist will recommend, to sweet casual varieties, a dress is there for every woman to own.

Now here’s a list of some of the dress “must-haves” for women this year:

  1. Flirty Summer Frock
    If you’re the sweet type, you will want a flirty summer frock to wear, well, for this summer. A sundress for warm summer days and hot summer night is perfect with a touch of flirty and sweet flavor. You can pair it with sandals or flats, and then highlight with jewels or even heels. When the cold season begins, you can still make use of this with tights and cardigan.
  2. Womens StylistPrinted Floral Dress
    According to our personal stylist Brisbane, a knee or tea length floral dress is perfect for just about any event for the entire year of highlighting your sense of style. You can even wear it in garden parties, weddings, or even more tranquil evening events. For those who are willing to go bolder, a bigger and brighter floral print will take care of that. Smaller floral prints on the other hand are for the shy type but are willing to be trendy.
  3. Floor Length Beauty
    Every woman deserves to be a stunner. But now everyone can afford an expensive floor length designer dress. However, who says you need one? The fact is a simple yet elegant floor length dress printed in bold color will look entirely the same to that of an expensive one. The nice thing about this dress is you don’t really need to find a special event or occasion to wear one. You can dress it down with casual handbags and flat sandals. It is another “must-have” for tall and curvy women.
  4. Slip-On Party Dress
    Of course, you ought to have a party dress, all women do. No matter how fancy your Womens Stylist tell you about the dress you can wear in a party, you should know that the best options is still a slip on and fail safe type that is reliable. Reliability in this sense means you simply slip on, zip up, and feel very comfortable in it. You don’t have to worry about how you look and you can do a lot of work in it like putting some throwback colors, above-the-knee hemline, or embellished necklines.
  5. Tailored Dress for Formal Events (Knee Length)
    Finally, there will always come that time when you’re called upon for a company event or a meeting with some sort of formal theme. You can’t look dull and ugly, of course. But you wouldn’t want to be wearing something that’s ideal for a beach outing. Hence, any Corporate Stylist will recommend a tailored dress intended for formal events. And yes, you ought to have one because it’s a necessity for women to look stunning even in formal and grown up events.
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