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surfers_paradiseSet on an expansive and stunning ocean beach, Surfers Paradise is a lively tourist destination that pulls the hearts of many holidaymakers across the world. From the blue waters of the ocean and the spectacular sand to the magnificent resorts and the vibrant entertainment joints, this jewel of Queensland offers something for everyone. Planning to travel to Gold Coast Australia? Well, these are the best things to do and see in this tourist hotspot.

Hit the beach.
You will not enjoy the charm of this place to fullness without visiting the foreshore. The beach offers a myriad of thrilling activities to the visitors. Whether you want to surf, scuba dive, swim or watch whale, you can do it in the beach. Enjoy your favorite watersport or interact with friendly marine animals. One of the water activities that you shouldn’t miss is jet boating. Get into a turbo-charged boat and explore the deep sea and the attractive surrounds. Watch whales as they care for their younger ones aboard a whale watching vessel.

Visit the SkyPoint Deck.
The best way to enjoy the aerial views of this magnificent city is to visit this viewing tower. SkyPoint Deck is located atop the Q1 building. The deck is 325 metres above the ground and allows you to enjoy the views of the golden coastline, hinterland, skyline and the Pacific Ocean. Grab a drink at a fully equipped bar and restaurant located in the deck.

Cruise the waterways.
With a canal system longer than those of Venice and Amsterdam combined, this city offers wonderful cruises to the enthusiasts of the leisure activity. The cruises are a great way to explore the inaccessible highlights, like the waterfront housing at the back side of the city. The South Stradbroke and Wave Break are better explored through the cruises. Choose from morning cruises, afternoon tours or dinner cruises and have a wonderful sightseeing experience.

The Infinity attraction.
Located in the popular Chevron Renaissance area, Infinity is a unique attraction that features optical illusions and visual trickery. Everything in this overwhelming place confuses your senses. Some sections of Infinity make you feel like you are walking over imaginary bridges while others like you are walking through space. The kids’ friendly attraction allows children and younger adults to play games on their senses.

Visit a nightclub.
With a huge variety of nightclubs, this coastal city is a top spot for people who want to “let loose” and unwind after a day of mind-boggling activities. The most popular entertainment joints are located in the Orchid and Cavill Avenues. The other city hubs have good nightclubs and bars (both large establishments and small taverns) scattered everywhere. So you will not miss a place to pass your night in the most pleasing way.

The Ripleys.
Popularly known as “Odditorium”, Ripleys is the one of the oldest attractions in Surfers Paradise. This place is still intriguing and entertaining despite its old age. If you want to get a glimpse of the weird and wonderful, take your time to explore Ripleys. You will come across fascinating arts and crafts as well as scary skeletons and mannequins. Make your travel to Gold Coast Australia a memorable one by visiting this longest-running tourist attraction.

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Photo booths are considered to be the “in” thing in events and festivities nowadays. These kinds of kiosk technology have definitely come a long way. At present, photo booths with sharing Facebook are seriously taking the limelight. Birthdays, weddings and even corporate events have already been utilizing this very interesting way of taking pictures. With its advanced features, it does more than actually taking and printing-out photographs.

If you have been thinking of hiring or renting out a Sydney Photo booth with a social media sharing feature for your next event, you can expect the following:

blink 21. Good quality photos                                                 

Primarily and obviously, this should be not taken for granted. Everybody wishes to look good in every photo. More so if they wish to post it in social media. The quality of the pictures should be in the most possible excellent condition.

2. Customized photo styles and designs

Effects can be added to the photographs. Borders, backgrounds and others can be personalized for your specific event. If you are promoting an event or a product, the logo can be incorporated to the photo.

3. Possible instant sharing

Photo booths with sharing Facebook allow people to share and post pictures instantly in their Facebook newsfeed. Logging in to your account is not necessary anymore. You do not need to ask for a soft copy of your picture and upload it in your newsfeed later on. These booths have softwares that are intended for this kind of procedure. Just enter your user name and password and voila, photo uploaded. Your friends can immediately see what you have been doing.

4. Share photos on Twitter

This is one way of promoting certain products and events. Twitter is really a very powerful medium for advertising and promotions. With the Photo Booth Sydney instant uploading feature, thousands of people can immediately see where you are.

5. State of the art kiosks

The photo booth itself is very sleek and attractive. It has touch screen features that can be operated effortlessly. You can also choose between a colored and a black and white photo.

6. Fast Printing

Of course, this should not be forgotten. This is actually the main reason for having a photo booth. To have a copy once the picture is taken. You can have the photograph in fifteen seconds.

Having enumerated all these, photo booths with sharing Facebook are indeed all you need to make your event fun, interesting and undeniably hip.

Give your guests something to remember on during your event with a photo keepsake, book a photo booth at

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Sydney tours are still unbeatable when you are after enjoying Sydney at the fullest. Most of these tours are well-planned with skilled and experienced tour guides who take responsibility over the safety and full enjoyment of every tour participants. Blue Mountains tours are one of the most-sought Sydney tours that offer exciting day tour in this beautiful Australian region known for its spectacular views, wildlife, the gorge and waterfalls.sydneytours_blue_mountains

A one-day Blue Mountain tour costs less than a hundred dollars and allows you to experience Blue Mountain mystics by embracing close encounter with Australia’s wildlife and the Eucalyptus forest. Line-up activities include a ride at the world’s steepest railway and a lazy afternoon cruise along Parramatta River. However, if you think that a day rendezvous is not enough, then go ahead and book for 2 or 3 days Blue Mountains Tours. With this tour, you’ll get to enjoy the beauty of The Three Sisters Rock Formations, the spectacular views of Leura city and its Everglade Garden or Katoomba and its famous Zig zag railways, the Jenolan Caves, the Blue Mountains National Park or Wenworth Waterfalls and the ancient mystics of Mount Tomah. Where to stay in Blue Mountains is never a problem, as along the region are hostels, B&B hotels, guest houses and inns offering great food and good beds for sleep over.

If you’re staying in Sydney, Sydney day tours with walking or biking itineraries are still the best Sydney adventure you can take. Walk or bike to enjoy the majestic sites of the Opera House, The Harbour Bridge, The Parliament House and enjoy a lunch picnic at Hyde Park. Sydney tours providers oftentimes offer Sydney day tour as a side tour of their Blue Mountain Tours to allow their guests great discounts and the privilege to enjoy unforgettable Sydney experience.

While Sydney tours may offer close-in adventures, there are tour providers that allow their guests to choose their list of attractions to see or request for inclusion of a certain activity like snowboarding or camping at Blue Mountain National Park or a guided Night Tour in Katoomba region. They can also arrange for impromptu wedding for couples who wish to get married amidst the beauty of Blue Mountains. There are also Port Stephen Tours from Sydney to allow participants to enjoy attractions at Port Stephens such as sand boarding, sightseeing, Dolphins Shows, close-encounters with Koalas and the awesome views of the Port and Nelson Bay.

Sydney is accessible to almost all parts in Australia and traveling from here to any point in Australia is just what makes it as the best to stay and to book a tour to see and enjoy Australia’s beauty.

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Sydney is such a lovely city that invites thousands of tourists every year. Should you visit this city in the future, it would be nice to book for a hotel in advance because accommodation is an important aspect when vacationing in Australia especially during the summer season. At the time you enter the hotel, you will be welcomed by hospitable uniformed personnel that are wearing name badges. You can easily identify the people you need to communicate with therefore use their badges as your reference in case you need help.

Hotels in Sydney are awesome. Even if it is just a budget class accommodation, you will notice that you are actually getting high-quality service from the time you check-in up to the time to check-out. With hotel staff wearing name badges, you have the peace of mind that your hotel is properly run by professional people. This is therefore a reflection that you are guaranteed excellent service the whole period of your stay. While you are touring around downtown or suburbs, your personal belongings are well-taken care of even if housekeeping personnel enters your room.

fridge_magnetsIf you are housed in a hotel located in central Sydney, you can enjoy strolling around the city by foot because major tourist attractions are just close to each other. For instance, you can walk through the scenic Sydney Harbour Bridge and then head towards the Sydney Opera house after a while. As you wander around, you can take pictures and at the same time, visit souvenir shops where you can buy miniature key chains, shirts, plush toys and fridge magnets. These are great things to bring home so you will be reminded of a wonderful vacation.

After an inspiring day of touring, you can head back to your hotel and enjoy a blissful rest in your room. However, if you are still up for fun, you can go ahead and explore the hotel and keep yourself entertained with authentic Australian dishes in hotel’s dining area or enjoy symphony music at the lounge room. For sure you won’t get lost because name bars will give you directions. These will be your guide in finding an office, gym or souvenir store inside the hotel. For as long as the hotel staff is wearing personalized name badges, you are assured that you count for their help anytime.

Always remember that you can approach hotel personnel for anything you need. It is easy to recognize these people because they have name badges on their uniform apart from their ID.

At the end of your trip, you can say that Sydney is such an amazing city to have a vacation in. You will find a number of reasons to come back because you will get pampered with hotel accommodation and embraced with abundant tourist destinations.

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sydneyhotelsIf you would like to discover the cosmopolitan appeal of Australia, Sydney is definitely the best place to be. It is the oldest and the largest city in the country and is considered one of the most liveable cities in the world, thanks to its beauty and the numerous hotels Sydney that are always ready to embrace every kind of traveller.

It will be much easier to have a grand view of the iconic attractions such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge if you have already found a nice place to stay. Don’t worry, accommodation options are not hard to come by. With continuous flock of tourists from all over on a yearly basis, hotels Sydney take pride in providing enough comfort to meet every specific set of requirement.

Finding a Place to Stay

Sydney offers a wide range of accommodation to fit into every lifestyle, every budget. Options are aplenty, from luxurious five star hotels Sydney, serviced holiday apartments, thrift motels, and backpacker hostels – located right at the heart of the city centre and towards the suburbs.

Here are hotel recommendations that hit top and bottom range to give you a grip on a good decision.

Five-Star Hotel: Hotel Intercontinental

This is luxury from inside and out. The hotel is situated right where the New South Wales Treasury Building previously stood. To retain the old charms, the historic façade was maintained and it’s the first thing that will greet the guests upon arrival. If you think that is enough to wow about, think again. Hotel Intercontinental happens to have it all – from stunning views that open up to the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the friendly staff to delectable restaurants and nightspots to glamorous rooms that are filled with luxurious furniture pieces like sofa beds. There is truly nothing you could ask for.

Serviced Apartment: Zara Tower

If you are travelling with your family, you will save a lot if you choose to stay in this building that’s located five minutes away from the Central Station. Since eating out could wear your budget out, you would like the fact that you could cook your own meals here. It is perfect for families who want to enjoy a week-long stay or more because it will help them make the most of their travel budget. Just don’t expect to have a leather lounge around.

Thrift Motel: Mariner’s Court

With only basic amenities and features, there is nothing much to expect about Mariner’s Court. However, if you are looking for a thrift place to stay just to relax your tired body for roaming around the city, this could be good enough. It might be very uncomfortable though to stay on during the summer because rooms are not air-conditioned.

Backpacker Hostel: Wake Up Sydney

Backpacker hostels are appropriate for student travellers who do not have much money to spare for accommodation. Just like the rest, it has very basic amenities to meet not the humblest expectations. It has its perks, however, like being close to the Central train station as well as to a couple of backpacker shops and businesses.

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In the luxuriant inner city of Sydney, everything you need is met with Annandale Apartments. Only 3 to 5 kilometers away from CBD Centre and a few minutes’ drive from Sydney University, Chinatown, Darling Harbour, Paddy’s Market and Sydney Fish market. The place is easily accessible by tram, bus or bike and just a few walks to popular hot spots in Sydney, Australia.

annandaleIf you were dreaming of fully furnished studio apartments in Sydney, then there is no need to look furthermore. Annandale Apartments offers not only the feel at home comfort we all need but also the luxury every student, employee or retiree could ever desire. With just a bus ride, you can get to every known and popular destination in Sydney, cafes and restaurants, music sceneries and all that urban life has to offer just within your reach. Choose from Economy, Deluxe or Executive type apartments that suits your lifestyle. Equipped with chic furniture, recent and up to date appliances, kitchenette and en suite bathrooms, this is surely a home away from home.

While it is also very hard to find quality accommodation for visitors of the area, Annandale Apartments also offers short term accommodation Sydney. Both work and studying can be quite challenging especially when you don’t have the right place to stay. Annandale Apartments wants to make it easier giving you what you need with clean, secure and modern apartments suited for every way of life.

Since the location is very much in proximity to major destinations, you could still have fun out in the night every once in a while knowing your flat is secure all the time. Their unit is quite ideal for students who may request internet access and added features like coin operated laundry and intercom building.

Having the comfort of a place you can call home does not have to break the budget. Annandale Apartments have the best budget accommodation Sydney starting at $275 per week for a standard apartment. This unit includes all the basics you need like a refrigerator, kitchenette, bathroom, microwave, internet access and a furnished room.

Booking is quite easy if you wish to stay for less than 3 months or more. Either call our number at (02) 9552 4944 or email your inquiries at our email address: Annandale offers variety of packages to choose from suitable for everyone making your stay more enjoyable and stress free.

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