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surfers_paradiseSet on an expansive and stunning ocean beach, Surfers Paradise is a lively tourist destination that pulls the hearts of many holidaymakers across the world. From the blue waters of the ocean and the spectacular sand to the magnificent resorts and the vibrant entertainment joints, this jewel of Queensland offers something for everyone. Planning to travel to Gold Coast Australia? Well, these are the best things to do and see in this tourist hotspot.

Hit the beach.
You will not enjoy the charm of this place to fullness without visiting the foreshore. The beach offers a myriad of thrilling activities to the visitors. Whether you want to surf, scuba dive, swim or watch whale, you can do it in the beach. Enjoy your favorite watersport or interact with friendly marine animals. One of the water activities that you shouldn’t miss is jet boating. Get into a turbo-charged boat and explore the deep sea and the attractive surrounds. Watch whales as they care for their younger ones aboard a whale watching vessel.

Visit the SkyPoint Deck.
The best way to enjoy the aerial views of this magnificent city is to visit this viewing tower. SkyPoint Deck is located atop the Q1 building. The deck is 325 metres above the ground and allows you to enjoy the views of the golden coastline, hinterland, skyline and the Pacific Ocean. Grab a drink at a fully equipped bar and restaurant located in the deck.

Cruise the waterways.
With a canal system longer than those of Venice and Amsterdam combined, this city offers wonderful cruises to the enthusiasts of the leisure activity. The cruises are a great way to explore the inaccessible highlights, like the waterfront housing at the back side of the city. The South Stradbroke and Wave Break are better explored through the cruises. Choose from morning cruises, afternoon tours or dinner cruises and have a wonderful sightseeing experience.

The Infinity attraction.
Located in the popular Chevron Renaissance area, Infinity is a unique attraction that features optical illusions and visual trickery. Everything in this overwhelming place confuses your senses. Some sections of Infinity make you feel like you are walking over imaginary bridges while others like you are walking through space. The kids’ friendly attraction allows children and younger adults to play games on their senses.

Visit a nightclub.
With a huge variety of nightclubs, this coastal city is a top spot for people who want to “let loose” and unwind after a day of mind-boggling activities. The most popular entertainment joints are located in the Orchid and Cavill Avenues. The other city hubs have good nightclubs and bars (both large establishments and small taverns) scattered everywhere. So you will not miss a place to pass your night in the most pleasing way.

The Ripleys.
Popularly known as “Odditorium”, Ripleys is the one of the oldest attractions in Surfers Paradise. This place is still intriguing and entertaining despite its old age. If you want to get a glimpse of the weird and wonderful, take your time to explore Ripleys. You will come across fascinating arts and crafts as well as scary skeletons and mannequins. Make your travel to Gold Coast Australia a memorable one by visiting this longest-running tourist attraction.

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For that ‘golden’ holiday, travel to Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland. It is one of the most scenic places on earth. Every year thousands of tourists from around the world visit this place to enjoy the subtropical climate and all kinds of beach activities. From sunbathing to snorkelling and surfing activities in Gold Coast this is a paradise on earth for the tourists. The 70 kilometers of sun-drenched beaches of the Gold Coast is indeed a surfing paradise and it has established itself as a party destination for visitors from all over the world.

gold_coast_surfIt has many great attractions to offer visitors. The Theme Parks to visit would be Movie World, Wet’n Wild, White Water World and Sea World. At Dream World you can experience the Cyclone Roller Coaster, Giant Drop, Buzz Saw and Tower of Terror. Other activities would include visits to the Wax Museum; the Iceland Skating Rink; the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which houses 200 species of birds, reptiles and mammals. Another must-visit is the Carlton Brewhouse tour. For lovers of theatre and art there is the Draculas Cabaret Burlesque-style entertainment – a show that is so popular it has been running for the last 30 years. Mt. Tamborine, the ‘T’ Mountain National Park are great nature attractions and not to be missed out is Skypoint Observation Deck which gives a fantastic 360 degrees view of the city.

In the you can watch many life saving champions in action or see the world’s best surfers take part in the Quicksilver & Roxy Pro. You can also join the iron men and women of Australia in the Coolangatta Classic ocean swim. From the Gold Coast you can island-hop and get an opportunity to see the area’s aboriginal culture. West of the Gold Coast you will find lush rainforests and national parks such as the Border Ranges, Lamington, Nightcap and Main Range which are all world listed national parks.

After experiencing the thrilling theme parks and beautiful surf beaches of the you can take a trip to Brisbane, a vibrant city. You can take a cruise down the Brisbane River or climbing the Story Bridge are great ways to spend time; also a visit to the South Bank if you are into art and culture. You can also get to see koalas in the Noosa National Park, which is a coastal rainforest. If you are looking for a bit of sophistication you can visit the Noosa’s Hastings Street.

Finally a trip to this amazing place would remain incomplete without a safari on a Gold Coat fishing charter. Imagine salty winds gushing against your face, white splashes of water and a blue sea all around. And to ice it up with some fishing activities deep into the sea, does it get any bigger than this? This is what Gold Coast is all about – full of thrill, rush of adrenaline and plenty of adventure on-board deep sea fishing charters.

So when you travel to Australia for your next holiday, book your air tickets online and ensure you have a booking in one of the good Gold Coast hotels. After enjoying great surfing activities in Gold Coast, basking under the sun, and having fun in Australias golden beaches it will definitely be a holiday to remember.

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Imagine your dream vacation, does it include a sunny beach and fun water sports? Then surfing might just be the thing for you. You may not be the most athletic guy around in the beach, but when it comes to surfing you don’t need to be the most muscular and physical to have the perfect surfing experience. All you need is the beach, a surfboard, and an afternoon of fun. You wouldn’t need too much gear to bring with you and it would only take you a few lessons to get a hang of it. I’ve been to quite lot of beaches and surfing spots in the U.S., I’ve been to Sayulita in Mexico, and to a couple of beaches in Southeast Asia. A lot of these beaches have different appels to them. But if you’re planning on going to your dream vacation with just the right amount of relaxation and surfing thrills, there is no place like the Gold Coast surfing beaches.gold_coast

The Gold Coast surfing beaches, also rightfully dubbed as the “Surfer’s Paradise” is a real must-see when you visit Queensland, Australia. This magnificent place is a 70 kilometer wide paradise, is consisted of 35 beaches, with four break points, and miles of beachbreaks. It is a great beach not just for surfers but for families as well and beach loving tourists as well. The winds make two foot waves which is a wonderful place to start your surfing experience. The waves are uncrowded and safe but once in a while there are four foot waves produced by offshore cyclones, if you’re a real surfing enthusiast you would love these high waves. There are lots of other things you can do besides surfing, you can boogie board which is just perfect in the morning, you could go kite surfing, or you could go paddling. Among the four point breaks is the “Superbank”, a famous beach break that you would certainly find thrilling with its long waves, and waves that make tubes and solid walls.

There are frequently visited spots the Gold Coast surfing beaches like the Narrowneck, The Spit, Main Beach, or Palm Beach that are known for calm and friendly waves. If you’re traveling you’re your family, rest assured that these surfing beaches are always patrolled by professional lifeguards. The water and beaches are flocked by tourists every year because the lovely uncongested feel. No wonder this place is one of the top places to visit for the best vacation. The next time you daydream about sunny beaches and waves, think of this place because this truly is the “Surfer’s Paradise”.

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