COVID19 pandemic comes to affect businesses in a way nobody could’ve predicted, it has left no person or business unaffected and it has turned our lives upside down. There is no recipe on how to do a business plan to be able to keep working at the same pace and with the same positive outcomes, but there are things you can do and implement in your company to run it as successfully as it can be during this crisis that camos with the coronavirus.

At the beginning of the quarantine, you have to adapt to the situation, make sure that your people are safe and build a plan on how they’re going to keep working without endangering them. Migrate from offline to online and build a solid digital marketing strategy to keep your business going as good as it would offline. As days and weeks go by, people are going to start getting used to the situation and accepting the new lifestyle. There’s no one normal way to work or live now, everyone’s reality has changed and so does their habits. By this point people in general need motivators, something to lift them up and entertain them. This is why brands have to keep on generating content, not only around COVID19 but also around themselves, what they’re doing and keep on creating brand awareness within their audience through content that isn’t direct publicity. Now is when businesses have the opportunity to communicate with consumers through content marketing, this includes: tutorials, classes or informative videos for example; and even if the return of investment isn’t obvious or immediate, people will remember your brand for these things and go back to you in the future.

With a constant content marketing strategy you can start building inspiration and hope in your audience. It’s important to remain a positive attitude and show the customers what are you doing regarding the coronavirus pandemic and your business itself. This works as a sort of pre-work with your clients when things start getting back to normal and the quarantine starts to be over. Towards the end, people start feeling an inner desire to celebrate and brands should take advantage of this feelings by giving and planting ideas in their audience’s minds through different marketing techniques now adding a call-to-action on your content and even including discounts and giveaways. It’s important to show people that your business stands with them and supports them through all the quarantine.

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