Basic Cataract Surgery Information for Cataract Sufferers

People with cataract suffer from clouding in the lens of the eyes and experiencing gradual  vision loss. The loss of vision cannot be corrected by wearing eyeglasses or contact lens, and only  cataract removal procedure can bring back lost vision. Laser Vision correction Sydney however suggests patients to see their doctors for complete medical assessment if they’re a good candidate for a laser cataract surgery, which is by far the safest and fastest way to remove cataract. Laser cataract surgery is proven to produce excellent results. Here is some of the basic information that will guide patients suffering from cataract.cataract2

  • Cataract surgery does not require overnight stay in any Vision Correction Sydney or in any health care facility. The procedure lasts not more than an hour.
  • Comprehensive eye examination is performed to evaluate the reasons why a patient could not have the surgery and to identify all possible risks the patient might have. Cataract Laser Sydney strictly follows this procedure to ensure safety as well as protection for both the surgeons performing laser cataract surgery and patients.
  • In most cases, a refraction procedure is done to measure eye conditions such as nearsightedness, astigmatism and in determining the curvature and length of the eye.
  • Most Vision Correction Sydney performs modern cataract surgery using high frequency ultrasound device that breaks the “clouds” in the lens. These broken pieces are suctioned from the eyes. Most of them perform  “phaco” or phacoemulsification procedure that allows eye surgeon to make small incision on the lens resulting to a fast healing and elimination of retinal detachment, a common complication of cataract surgery.
  • When all remnants of the cloudy lens have been removed, a clear intraocular lens is inserted into the eyes specifically behind the iris and the pupil however there are cases the intraocular lens or IOL is positioned in front of iris and the eye’s pupil if your eye surgeon sees a need for it.
  • After the surgery, the patient has to wear a protective shield over the eyes for protection in the early stage of the surgery.
  • Modern cataract removal clinics are now using femtosecond laser similarly used in Lasik eye treatment that allows bladeless and elimination of hand-held tools in performing cataract surgery.
  • The cost of laser cataract surgery in Sydney is significantly higher than the normal procedure because of high cost of laser machines as well as its maintenance. However, some clinic offer packages with  pre-operative eye examination and cataract detection and consultation.

If you think you need a cataract surgery, the best thing to do is to see an eye surgeon and to be examined.

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