Coffee Scrub – Why it is so Popular in Australia


Coffee body scrub is a newest favorite body scrub in many top and popular beauty spas and clinics in Australia. This body scrub is said to help skin get that glow and flawless look and a very good face moisturizer. Here are some of the reasons why coffee scrub is Aussie’s newest craze and favorite.

Makes cellulite disappear

While it is temporarily, coffee scrub is a popular remedy against ugly cellulites. It is the caffeine in coffee that helps tighten the skin and to temporarily gets rid of cellulites together with the ugly stretch marks.

Good exfoliating agent

Ground coffee beans exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. It helps make the skin feel soft and glowing because new skin cells surface after deep scrubbing. Like coconut scrub, which helps keep skin supple and smooth, coffee beans’ dark grinds is pointed to be great in brightening the skin and for that glowing appearance. The scrub is best for all skin types and helps get rid of dull skin. While it can be a little harsh to use on the face, gentle and circular massage makes it a great face moisturizer.

It helps get rid of puffy eyes

Caffeine in coffee beans has anti-inflammatory action and when gently massage on eyes area, it helps get rid of puffiness caused by inflammation. The caffeine is also said to relax the tiny nerves around the eyes and helps skin in the face area soft and moisturized. In short, the scrub is 100% face moisturizer.

It is good for relaxation

Coffee body scrub is very relaxing and helps soothes body parts. When mixed with other ingredients like honey, coconut oil, and Himalayan salt, it gives awesome aroma that aids the body feel relaxed. The scrub concoction also helps calm the nerve.

There are many variations

Spa and beauty clinics in Australia offer different coffee scrubs on their beauty menu. Some beauty spas in Sydney are mixing coffee and chocolate, and when poured over the body, the sweet and awesome aroma put everyone on the scrubbing table in wonderful feeling. After the scrub, one feels refreshed and rejuvenated.

It can be done at home

If you’re not a spa fan, you can still enjoy coffee scrub, as there are many DIY or homemade coffee recipes that you can make and enjoy at home.

Coffee scrub is popular in many Australian spa and beauty clinics and if you haven’t tried it visit your nearest spa and beauty massage salon, and become fan and be counted.

Coffee body scrubs and creams are now getting popular due to its benefits. You can try it yourself with the product that’s available online. Visit

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