Slate Roofing: Benefits and Drawbacks

Hotels are out to make the best first impression to keep guests coming and coming back whenever they come for a business or leisure travel. That makes it important for hotel owners to take extra attention to details, starting from the ground up. For roofing needs, investing on copper roofing is seen as a great option. It offers an amazing array of benefits.

Longevity and Beauty, What a Good Premise

One of the most significant advantages of turning into this roofing system is durability. The timeless appeal that this kind impresses on is not misleading. Copper roofing can provide a remarkable longevity that makes your investment worth every cent. Its performance in combating all types of weather is unparalleled.

Then, there is the distinctive touch of classic beauty. Copper roofing and similar systems add enormous points to your curb appeal. It has been highly acclaimed for many centuries, providing homes a timeless kind of beauty.

If it looks as beautiful long after installation, that means, it could give your short-term accommodation and hotel services significant boost. The classic copper roof is a great investment that could surely draw in guests to your doors.

High Value and Low Maintenance

Another good premise that comes with this roofing investment is how it boosts any buildings’ value yet would not require much for maintenance. Slate roofing repairs do not come often. The materials used for this roofing system is non-combustible, highly resistant to weather changes, and has an amazing defence against fungus and mould build-up. You can have your peace of mind knowing that your roof right up is A-ok.


The green movement acknowledges slate as environmentally friendly roofing system. Since it has a lifetime guarantee, it reduces the probability of roofing waste, which accounts to about 5% of general construction waste that’s hurting Mother Earth. That is some bit of good will that comes with a smart roofing choice, if you ask us.

Complex Installation

Before you enjoy any of the above benefits, however, you have to go through the painstaking process of installation. Slate roofing tiles are quite heavy, which could be an issue with regards to your hotel’s structure support. Along with it comes the issue on pricing. The tiles do not come cheap and if you combine it with the structural requirements to accommodate the heavy weight material, it could grow your building costs considerably.

Various hotels and short-term accommodation facilities in Australia already turned into this roofing system due to its incredible beauty and durability. They make all the complications during installation and the costs worth it.

Roofs are worth it to be invested on in the hotel industry. Invest on its maintenance and repair. So, contract

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